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5 ways to prolong your smartphone battery life

how to prolong battery life

Amongst the things we want in a smartphone, a great battery never falls below top 5. However, no matter how efficient or massive the battery is, with improper usage, its life span can be cut short. That being said, here are 5 ways to prolong your smartphone battery life.

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 1. Keep your battery from going empty and avoid over charging it

Allow your phone to go empty or get dangerously low frequently would affect the overall health of your battery and reduce its lifespan. Instead of allowing the battery to reach 0, set a certain percentage that once the phone reaches that percentage you put it to charge. Leaving a phone plugged in when the battery is at 100% over time would cause it to age faster due to the high voltage that is entering it.

2. Reduce your screen brightness

Your screen brightness consumes a certain amount of power hence the higher your screen brightness the more amount of power it consumes from your battery, draining it. Let’s be honest, do you really need your screen to be that bright for you to see? If possible, set it to Auto brightness.

3. Turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location settings when you are not making use of them

There are some apps that make use of these especially your location settings to update certain information and keep your phone in sync e.g. Google Maps or Waze. This consumes more power than when it isn’t on, so keep it off when you are not using it.

4. Check your battery settings to see which apps consume the most battery

Doing this will let you know the apps you use that consume the most battery and how to adjust your usage of certain apps when you are not close to a power source. This would also reveal apps that run in the background without you opening them. With this information and you making adjustments where possible to reduce to fast battery consumption, the battery would last longer and would age suitably.

5. Make use of power saving modes, screen time out, and other battery saving phone functions

Make use of power saving modes, screen time out, and other battery saving phone functions: The modern smartphone comes with many ways to reduce battery consumption and optimize battery usage such as power saving modes which you can set to automatically activate once your phone is at a certain percentage. Screen time out, this switches off your phone screen when you are not making use of the phone, helping to reduce the power consumed by screen brightness. There are settings on phones that automatically switch off your phone our put it in flight mode at certain hours of the days to save your battery.

Implementing at least 3 of these tips would go a long way in promoting a healthy battery life and prolong the battery life of your smartphone.


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