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7 Unique Features in Android 10 That You Don’t Know About

This article explores some features in Android 10 (Os version) that your are probably unaware of, how to make use of them and how they benefit you.

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1. Live Caption

Android introduced this new feature in Android 10, videos are automatically captioned, whether your device is connected to the internet or not. To activate Live Caption, play a video and then press the volume button. The volume slider that will have a caption button at the bottom. Press the caption button to activate the live caption, you can also move the caption by dragging it around.

2.Sound Amplifier

Background noise can be a pain when you are listening to something on your phone, sound amplifier allows you to filter background noise and make your listening experience more enjoyable. It also allows you to boost sound and fine tune what you are listening to. Sound Amplifier is an app.

3. Privacy Controls

Android 10 has its privacy controls in one place under settings. Under privacy settings, you can use the privacy controls to determine how your data is shared or accessed by apps and websites.

4. Location Settings:

Up till now once you put on the location feature on Android it is remained permanently on till you disabled it but now there are other options. You can decide to allow the app access your location all the time or only allow the app when you use the app or deny the app permanently from accessing your location.

5. Security updates

Security updates and patches are normal for Android devices, however the devices usually have to be rebooted after the new updates have been installed. With Android 10,there is no need for reboot to install the updates, the new updates will install and update just like normal apps.

6.Smart Gesture:

The gesture system once activated will replace the buttons at the bottom of the screen (e.g Back button) with a white bar. You can swipe up to go home, swipe left or right to go back, swipe straight to switch between apps. Android has an app drawer that gives you quick access to certain apps, to access it you simply go to the home screen then swipe up from the bottom.

7.Dark Theme :

The Android 10 comes with a dark theme. To some this might seem like nothing special but it has a lot of benefits. The dark theme reduces battery usage with the reduced screen brightness and protects your eyes. Unsure of how your brightness affects your battery usage. Click here.


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