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Take Advantage Of Smart Home – Read These Amazing Features

It’s an undoubtable fact that 2020 was a year which half-way was spent out home, and 2021 has been gradually seeing to a more outdoor life restored, bit by bit. However, it has become more down than ever on humanity during this indoor period to improve the conditions for comfortability in their homes. One force humanity seems to have sought out solution from is that which it has always run to when it comes to improving its living condition—Technology.

A smart home hub device and smart home automation take the comfort and enjoyment of your home to a new level, and it’s a technology that gets better every year.

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular — especially during this period where more time are spent at the corridor of the home. Home automation is the ultimate union of technology, convenience and security.

The list of improvement on smart home technology is expanding daily.

The overall implication is that smart home owners would have even more options available to them to improve the way their house operates along with its ease of use.

As the experts in everything smart home automation related, we have gathered some of the most important advancements in smart home technology features to expect in 2021. We continually keep up with the developing trends to ensure we offer our visitors the best of the best. Let’s see what we can expect in the coming year and beyond.

The Internet of Things (IoT) which refers to the wirelessly controlled network of devices that is becoming a bigger part of our lives is the specific driving force behind the smart home technology.

The technology makes possible an advanced home network which acts as the central nervous system, integrating the different components of the automated system of the home so they work together hand in hands. The following are the most critical features of an advanced smart home for 2021.
More Ease of Control as Mobile Phones are to Replace Hubs.

It is now a common thing for most smart homeowners to centralize portal hub that controls their home various functions technology. In 2021, we would see more of a major move towards smartphones replacing hubs with easy-to-use apps. This would ensure a greater control of one’s home from anywhere inside it as long as one’s mobile phone is with one.
Smart Decor

The trend of décor-friendly smart home gadgets will explode in 2021 as the worlds of interior design and smart tech integrate further.
Aesthetics can be just as important as the functionality in the home.

Think about WIFI-enabled aroma diffusers that provide stylish LED lighting, aesthetically-pleasing smart hubs and even smart planters.

Remote access

This is an extension from the above. Much of what smart home really mean is nothing much more than having remote access to one’s home systems. Remote access lets you operate your home’s functions at ease of operation.

Depending on the customized operations that have been worked on it, remote access can let you access your home via video surveillance, turn on the entertainment system for that in-law who can’t figure out the remote, and even unlock the door to let the dog-walker in — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It gives you nothing but remarkable peace of mind on what goes on, goes in and out your property.

Remote Home Control

Advanced Security

While it’s possible for traditional home-security systems to alert authorities in the event of a fire outbreak or other disasters, the advanced security of the automated home goes much further.

Many smart home surveillance systems can send intelligent notifications that differentiate between welcome guests and strangers. The more interesting part is an advanced home-security system, as part of your home automation installation, is fully customizable to the needs of your specific security desires.

A More IoT Integrated Home Functions.

2021 have seen more smart home elements focussing on the internet of things (IOT), as more devices will be connected via the internet, sharing data and working to make home management more a thing of fun. The Internet of Things will continue learning our daily routines, removing the need for triggered controls from us.

The IOT will continue to be more self-sufficient, making the operation of a smart home even easier than it is now. For instance, this could see the front door of one’s home unlocking because it recognises one’s face, or a thermostat, having known the time one is to do exercise because one has chosen the workout playlist.

It’s almost an integration of robotic engineering with the home.


Greater Degree of Privacy

As human lives achieve more integration with the online space, they are more conscious of keeping a level of privacy. Protecting private data is one concern for smart home owners who use smart hubs manufactured by industry tech giants that exist to sell advertising.

The system of smart home automation answers the call-in various ways to guarantee that no one is selling one’s data. Each smart home’ system goal ensures that one’s data is only being used to improve one’s home experience, keeping advertisers off it.

Smart Lighting and Shades

Smart lighting is one very popular features of home, and which is on constant improvement as far as 2021 is concerned. Smart shades on the other hand, are the next step to provide fully customisable environment. They now function in a way that the shades lower as the sun goes down, so that lighting can slowly turn on to ensure good illumination in a room.

Setting these up in conjunction with home zones means lower utilities and a comfortable atmosphere at every stage in the day.

Smart Lighting and Shades

Touchless Technology

Many 2021 smart home features have been greatly in a way inspired by the covid-19 health insurgence. The feature to handle the situation to keep health and safety at the forefront, has brought about new video doorbells that needs not touching before ringing.

This would keep the doorbell clean by eliminating the need for guests to touch the doorbell. A very smart way to maintain the social distance call, as it also aside that would make fewer rooms for bacteria and germs.


Finally, this is an exposition on some features SMARTHOME technology are gradually improving upon and witnessing particularly of this year–2021. Kindly let us know how you feel about the exposition and your thought about smarthome automaton in general, while not forgetting to share to others.


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