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Alternatives to Google Play Music

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If you updated your android OS anytime in the last 4 months, you would have noticed that Google Play Music is no longer available. This probably came as a shock to most people even though news about this has been around for a while. Google Play Music was replaced with YouTube Music. If you are long time android user Google Play Music has been your default music player and it might be hard to let go especially for subscribers. Is YouTube Music the perfect replacement? Not quite. YouTube Music has achieved a lot in its short life, but it is missing some features of google play music like Library upload function and playing certain music formats. However, alternative music players exist to play your already stored music or to bring you your favorite artiste’s albums. Let us look at three amazing alternatives.



Spotify, also known as the world’s biggest music platform, is the music player for you if you love streaming music. Almost all musical artistes are on Spotify, so you are sure to find the album you are looking for. It has one of the biggest music libraries (over 50 million songs) and the music stream quality is great. It has a free version with ads and limited features and a paid version for $9.99 per month. Some of its features include play and pause music from multiple devices. If you love streaming music and you listen to podcasts, download Spotify, it is available on the app store and Google Play Store.

Muzio Player

Just need a music player to play music that is already on your phone? Look no further than Muzio Player by Apps10x on the Google Play store. It allows you create playlist for your songs, search for music on YouTube, play audio books, add lyrics and more. Its features include a sleep timer: it plays music for a specified number of minutes after which it stops. It has an equalizer, ringtone, change theme, driver mode, multiple themes to choose from, lock screen. The lock screen feature allows you to change music, shuffle music, repeat songs, pause music, even see how a song is going to be. It has ads so and ad might play if you want some internet related features, you can pay for the premium version and get rid of the ads.



Want to know the lyrics to the song you are playing without doing a google search? MusicxMatch is your best option. With MusicxMatch you see the live lyrics of the song you are currently playing. Its free version needs you to connect to the internet to view the lyrics though, if you want the song lyrics to be available offline you must pay for the premium version. It allows you to collaborate with other music love and even offers lyric translation in other languages. You have to register to use to use the app though.


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