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Amazing Smart Home Devices You Should Know Of

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For those who are unaware, smart home is a home that can be controlled by a smartphone or computer that is connected to the internet. In smart homes most or all devices in the home can be controlled with the push of a button. In this article we would be learning about some interesting inventions the smart home industry has invented.

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Eve Aqua Smart Sprinkler

Have a garden or lawn? Eve aqua takes care of the watering aspect for you. Once you connect Eve Aqua to your tap and hose, it handles the watering for you at a pre-set time. It has and app on which you set the watering time. It can also be controlled by Siri or Apple’s home.


Smart Remote-Controlled Fans

What is better than a remote-controlled ceiling fan? A ceiling fan that you can control from your phone. Bond is an app that allows you to control a smart ceiling fan with your phone. Typically, a smart ceiling fan is controlled by a remote but what happens when you lose that remote? That where the Bond app comes into play.


Smart Thermostats

With a Thermostat you can regulate the temperature in a room or house, it could be hot or cold. With a smart thermostat you can regulate the temperature of the house from the anywhere in your house via an app or voice control. Some smart thermostats can automatically turn off heating or cooling in an area of the house where nobody is present. Manufacturers of smart thermostats include Nest and Ecobee.


Smart Plug

Imagine being able to schedule your plug to go off or on at a certain time. That could mean the end to overcharging of phones and devices. A good example is T-Plink Smart Plug Mini which you connect to, via Wi-Fi. This Smart Plug has an app that allows you to schedule off and on times for the plug either based on a schedule or your location.

Smart Home Security Cameras

Security Cameras seem like a norm not a smart home thing until you see the capabilities of these smart home cameras. Some of these cameras have motion sensors built-in and once movement is detected you are notified on your phone or computer. These cameras also send live footage to your device, so you can see what is happening as it is happening.


Baby Monitor

These are smart gadgets that monitor the baby’s status. Baby monitors come in different form and abilities. Some have a two-way walkie talkie device that allows parents who sleep in a different room from their babies hear what is going on in that room. Other have a video display that allows them to both see and hear what is going on in the room. Whilst some baby monitors are quite advanced, showing the baby’s heart rate, sleeping patterns, oxygen levels and more on an app made specifically for the monitor.


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