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App Review: Guardians-Personal Safety

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With the rise of rape, kidnapping and murder cases around the world; safety of self and loved ones is of utmost importance right now. Developers around the world have been stepping up with apps that keep loved ones updated on the person’s location. This brings us to the app we are reviewing, Guardians.


Guardians can be found on Google Play and Apple store; it is less than 30MB, so no worries about it taking up  space.


The signup process is straightforward, you sign up with your mobile phone number. I will advise you to sign up with a phone number that is on the phone you downloaded the app on. The app will place a call to the number you signed up with and after that you log in.


The app allows you to automatically send text alerts to your guardians when you are feeling safe or need help. Guardians are the contacts you want to be alerted when you feel unsafe or in danger. You must manually add contacts from your phone to the guardian list though. Once you have added the contacts you wanted to be your ‘Guardians’ you are good to go. Note: If they are not on the app, there is an option to send them an invite to install the app so they can make use of the app features better.

The app’s main interface has a map that shows your current location or your last known location on the app. You have the option to always share your location with the app/your Guardians with the ‘forever share your location’ option. Anytime the Guardian opens the app, they would be able to see your current location on the map.

You can also permit the app to run in the background if battery consumption would not be a problem for you. Overall, the app has two main buttons: ‘I need help’ and ‘Watch over me’. When the I Need Help button is selected a 5 second countdown starts. If you are no longer in danger you can press the stop option that displays on your screen. However after 5 seconds, a text will be sent to your Guardians notifying them that you are in danger and a link showing your current location.  The Watch Over Me button works similarly to I Need Help besides the countdown and stop option. Kindly Note that your location must be on for you to make use of either option.


The app does what it says it would and so far I have encountered no problems while using the app. I enjoy the fact that the alerts are text based, instant and not restricted to app users only. However it has only basic safety options.  Perhaps adding noted safe physical options such as nearest police station, open restaurants, malls, etc could make it more robust. Voice and video capture options as the guardians are most likely faraway to be of any immediate help. All in all it is a good app that helps people track your location and notify them the moment your safety is threatened.


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