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Artificial Intelligence: Do you know you can fly without a Human Pilot?

Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and expand, companies are seeing huge changes in the field of aviation. Big brands are investing in AI technology to enhance their products and services to better serve their customers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools and technologies are used by some of the world’s leading airliner service providers to deliver more personalized traveling experiences to their customers. AI, machine learning, machine vision, robotics and natural language processing are the future of the aviation industry. Predictive analytics, customer feedback analysis, auto-scheduling, pattern recognition and targeted advertising are all part of AI technology taking the aviation industry to a whole new level.


AI technology is becoming more advanced and complex, and is finding applications in the aviation industry in multiple ways, including auto-pilot features. Due to factors like cost savings and shortage of qualified pilots, many companies have expressed an interest in reducing or even eliminating the number of pilots in the cockpit. There have been speculations that AI may someday replace human pilots. This article covers the various applications of AI in aviation and discusses how close AI is to replacing human pilots in the future.

AI in the Aviation Industry

Some of the areas where AI is being, and can be, applied in the aviation sector are:

  • Customer service agents
  • Check-In
  • Baggage Screening
  • Maintenance Prediction
  • Flight Engineers and Pilots
  • Air Traffic Control etc.


We are going to witness a huge change in the world of aviation through AI technology. Though AI is still at a nascent stage, we have already seen a number of changes in the aviation industry. Applications like crew management, flight management, ticketing, maintenance and passenger identification are all centered around improving customer experience.

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