It has been one of man’s primary aims to find or secure a place to lay his head.

Men became adventurers who slept in caves and holes until they decided to build a shed for themselves and proceed to roof it, cover the sides and guard it from wind and rain. They saw the need to store more goods and make it more comfortable and proceeded to making bricks and woods for building houses.







Mud huts and wooden houses are the early types of houses where men called home, they built and roofed it, divided it into rooms and sections with each rooms serving its purpose. Men with intellects set out to construct the houses into various shapes, sizes and views and today we have various types of buildings with different shapes and outlines.

A building which is a permanent enclosed area erected over a land with roofs, windows and doors for many uses such as house, factory, company, industry, hospital, restaurants, cinemas and so on. It is also called a place of dwelling.

Building has passed through different stages and eras through the centuries and we’ve tried using different materials to enhance the quality and view of buildings. Men moved from mud bricks, to concrete bricks, to sealing it with concrete and make it smooth, later they proceed to drawing arts and paintings on them to beautify them, moved to painting with different colors, hanging paintings and wallpapers on the wall and now to using precious wallpapers to cover the wall itself like paint.

Technology has made all advancement in building possible today because they have combined physics with civil engineering and technology to create building with wowing over and safe for dwelling. Only one building was possible before but they advanced to making story buildings using woods before concrete came into light. Now we even have skyscrapers standing beautifully tall on our planets

Building materials have come a long way from being produced limitedly by hand to average production with the help of early machines but now for commercial distribution due to factories with capable engines and through these we can have millions of building projects going on without complaint of building materials scarcity or inadequacy because of constant multiple production at faster speed which engines do.

Thanks to the wisdom of technology, construction sites are now safer with workers more efficient. Back then workers will have carry load of blocks, concretes and other materials on their hands, heads or shoulders to pass it across to other workers and these has resulted in fatalities, casualties and body pains for the workers. Nowadays through the use of lifts, elevators, pulling machines materials can be transferred without workers working themselves to dearth. The lifts and elevators are even used as transportation means inside a building to save the stress and energy of using the stairs especially in terms of emergencies.

Technology has also helped to establish complex project buildings without worry of it collapsing or pose a threat to humans or the planet as a whole. With the measurement of resonance, vibrations and other related things, they’ve found a way to erect buildings in mind-blowing structures and with various designs for living or even other things. We can see buildings in different shapes and designs to showcase arts.







Nowadays building materials have taken a new turn with various mouthwatering designs of tiles, roofs, gates, doors, windows, marbles, security gadgets like fire alarms, barb wires, detectors and so on for the safety of man







Technology has really helped men in making more comfortable and aesthetic buildings with safety over the years and it will continue as long as human exists, who knows if something awesome and jaw dropping than skyscrapers is on its way? We can only wait to see the outcome of what people who come together and research, lay down plans of what they think should be done next to building of structures with the help of technology.


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