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Battle Of The Flagships: Infinix Vs Tecno

Infinix Zero 8i and Camon 16 side bys side

The two brands we would be looking at today have been making waves in the budget Smartphone range. The most interesting fact about both brands is that they have the same parent company: Transission Holdings Inc. Today we would be comparing their latest flagship phones, would they be copies of each other or would each bring something unique to the table? The latest Tecno flagship at the point of writing is the Camon 16 and the latest Infinix flagship is the Zero 8i.



The Camon 16 is bigger than the Zero 8i by 0.05 inches, so both devices look the same size when placed side by side. The Zero 8i weighs a bit more than the Camon 16. Both phones support dual sims (nano-sim only).


Both Phones have non-removable batteries with Zero 8i having a 4500 mAh battery and Camon 16 with 5000 mAh battery.  The Zero 8i has a fast charging capacity of 33W while Camon 16 has no fast charging.


The Zero 8i has a  4 back cameras with 48MP, 8MP, 2MP, 2MP respectively. The Camon 16 also has 4 back cameras with 64MP, 2MP, 2MP and 2MP respectively.

The Camon 16 has a 16MP camera for its selfie camera whilst the Zero 8i has two cameras that make up its selfie camera, one a 16MP and the other a 2MP.


The Zero 8i has a Type-C usb and has a better graphics display than the Camon 16. The Zero 8i has an internal storage of 128GB and a ram of 8GB. The Camon 16 on the other hand has two versions, one with a 64GB internal memory and 4GB RAM and another with 128 GB internal memory and 4GB RAM.



If battery and camera are deal breakers for you when it comes to choosing a Smartphone then the Camon 16 is a better choice for you. But if graphics display, better processor and fast charging are more important to you then the Zero 8i is the better choice. Concerning whether or not they are copies of each other, I leave that to you. Do you think, this phones are too similar or are they unique in their own right? Have any Smartphone brands you would like me to compare? Write the names in the comment section.



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