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For years Samsung has taken the lead in the Android Smartphone market. With each new release they up the ante in the android smartphone market. Most brands are either falling behind or trying to catch up with Samsung, but Xiaomi has done something different with their latest flagship, Xiaomi Mi 11. With this latest flagship from Xiaomi, it is obvious that they are trying to compete with Samsung. Let see how they fared. In this article we are comparing Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra with the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G.


Both phones are similar in shape and size with the Mi 11 Ultra slightly bigger. The S21 Ultra 5G weighs less than the Mi 11 Ultra. The S21 Ultra 5G and the Mi 11 Ultra have glass on the front of the phone. But on the back the Mi 11 Ultra has ceramic where S21 Ultra 5G has glass. They have the same level of water and dust resistance. The S21 Ultra 5G has stylus support unlike the Xiaomi Mi 11.

For the rest of the article the Mi 11 ULTRA would be referred to as Mi 11 and the S21 Ultra 5G would be referred to as S21.



Both phones boast of 5000mAh non removable batteries. The S21 has a fast-charging capacity of 25W, in its advertisement Mi 11 is said to have a fast-charging capacity of 67W. The S21 has a wireless charging ability of 15W while the Mi 11 boasts of a 67W wireless charge. Both phones possess reverse wireless charge with the Mi 11 having 10W and S21 having 4.5W.




Both phones have multiple back cameras as is the trend with most smartphones today.

On the S21 the back camera modules are as follows:108 MP,10MP,10MP AND 12MP.

On the Mi 11 the back camera modules are: 50 MP,48 MP, 48 MP.

As for selfie camera specs the Mi 11 boasts of a 20 MP camera while the S21 boasts of a 40 MP camera.



Special features of the S21 include Samsung Dex, Samsung Wireless Dex,Bixby Virtual assistant, Samsung Pay and UWB support.

Special features of the Mi 11 include Power Deliver 3.0, a small screen on the back camera, that can be used as a notification screen or a mirror for taking better selfies using the back camera.

Both phones live up to the ‘flagship’ term attached to them and currently sport the best features available to the smartphone market. Either phone will leave its owner feeling very satisfied with his or her purchase.


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