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Big sound from tiny speakers: How Smart Amplifiers Application Does it

There has been an increasing demand for audio needs which most newly fashioned mobile phones are trying to meet up with. This has been necessitated by a resurgence increase in the consumption of audio, music, and movies. So, the task faced by mobile phones giants is developing an exceptional sound quality which would satisfy more the consumers.

The solution has seemed to be found with better quality hardware. Solution is equally developed in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software algorithms. Nevertheless, recently increasingly find these capabilities tucked inside the amplifier chip that drives the phone speaker.

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How do “smart” boosted amplifiers handle the audio technicalities and provide high-quality playback?

Mobile audio has given rise to an entirely new problem to solve being the prevailing basic point of listening. Tiny micro speakers and the limited power from lithium-ion batteries require innovative new approaches compared to the mains-powered amplifiers and large speakers found in the Hi-Fi ecosystem. To close the quality gap, manufacturers have turned to “smart” amplifier chips.

Typically, the benefits of improved audio quality and bleeding-edge technologies are thought about in terms of listening to music, playing games, and watching films. However, the benefit of improved audio shouldn’t be thought only in the terms of watching movies, playing games and listening to music in particular, smart amplifier technologies are equally important for voice calls as well. The importance is not without the removal of the distracting background noise during an incoming call. Therefore, high-quality amplifiers need to offer a very low noise condition for comfortable calls.

Smartphone audio: What it takes to build the best.

As far as smart phones are concerned, smartphones, a high-quality amplifier has to cater to the rather different demands of both multimedia and voice. The advanced technologies seen in these smart amplifiers can be divided into two categories; intelligent power management and the use of digital signal processing for audio improvement.

The longevity or power of phone batteries determine the strength of smartphone speakers. particularly when the cells are running low on juice. To improve mobile audio quality, there’s a need to improve power efficiency. Unlike class A and AB which are traditional, boosted power systems waste less power through the use of efficient Class D amplifier design.

This, when playing back at low volumes and at the same time catering for the needs of higher volumes, wastes less power. For instance, smart amplifiers from Cirrus Logic offer a boosted output of up to 7.1 watts for maximum loudness.
Cirrus Logic Boosted Amplifier ensures that speakers sound just as good at high and low battery levels, and don’t end up distorting and ruining audio quality as the battery runs low on juice.

When driving audio through speakers. It similar ensures a far stable voltage across the battery. This makes room for Battery drooping which means less power consumption for the speaker.
While traditional analog speaker protection circuits are relatively crude, mainly fuses dependent, modern smart amplifiers built for mobile devices are much more efficient, maximising speaker monitoring and algorithms to make the most of the available power without exceeding speaker safe operational limits.

Info about speaker excursion and temperature maximizes performance while ensuring that speakers operate safely at all times. This is because it allows the smart amplifier to execute a control algorithm made to push the speakers to their limits without exceeding them.

Psychoacoustics: Tuning experts and the human ear

The intelligent device DSP is an application that monitors speakers as well as improve the quality of sound. This can even trick our ears into hearing audio of better quality through the technique of psychoacoustics. Our brains are convinced to hear more bass from a small size mobile speaker that are in the real sense struggling to produce a higher frequency.

Speaker tuning is an increasingly common technique used to iron out imperfect speaker frequency responses, such as correcting for booming bass or padding out a dip were top and bottom speaker frequencies cross over. Speaker tuning is also used to give a speaker a signature sound that may be associated with a specific brand. This seems simple in theory, but layering up filters to manipulate sound is a complex process and it isn’t necessarily easy to predict the final result. Done badly, speaking tuning can introduce unforeseen issues of its own, such as phase, impulse response, and filter ringing artifacts.

In addition, speaker/sound tuning involves customizing the speaker and battery protection algorithms to cater to the specific system. A tool is only as good as the person who wields it, which is where expert knowledge and experience proves very important. A deep understanding of electrical and acoustic systems, along with a well-trained ear, is essential to detect artifacts and correct for the optimum frequency response. For this reason, Cirrus Logic maintains a team of tuning experts who can choose the most effective signal processing schemes and tune them to deliver maximum performance.

In conclusion, the increasing demand for audio quality in modern smart phone technology has been the driving force behind new inventions or improvement on speaker and amplifier application. The result has been evident in new smart phone designs as you now have topnotch quality in audio production at both quiet and loud listening levels, even when battery capacity is at low ebb. Thanks to smart amplifier which delivers these features and capabilities.
In addition, we’ve stated how Cirrus Logic is leader in boosted amplifier technology industry. These amplifiers are emerging better-quality audio through the use of speaker tuning, intelligent power management, and other techniques outlined above.

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