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It’s not an arguable fact that fashion has existed right at the beginning of the world and will never cease to exist as long this planet earth still rotates on its axis.

Human has indulged in fashion all way from centuries back and we are still evolving in this aspect. Fashion is one of the things of this our planet that is not static, it’s even fascinating that it’s based on tribes, ethnic groups, countries, continent, organizations, occasions and individuals. It’s been a long run for fashion and it’s not slowing down, instead it’s going stronger with a will to take it to higher places daily by those in the fashion industry.

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olden days fashion
olden days fashion
Modern day fashion

Fashion has come a long way in respect to technology. In the olden days, making of clothes, shoes, jewelries and fashion materials was so slow, tacky and expensive to get. To get a hold on best of the bests of these materials you have to be rich and wait for some quality time to get it delivered but technology has made fashion an affordable thing for every man to attain with even different brands Gucci, Versace, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Jimmy Chloe, Gergio Armani, Louis Vuitton and others to choose from, each with their individuality and texture to set them apart.

Saint Laurent Teddy Sweet dreams sweater
gucci evening gowns

Back then Fashion was not exquisite as these days, events didn’t really have its own fashion and special designs but as time goes on the fashion industry was able to provide different textures and materials each special for their different occasions. Technology in the textile industry had brought about wide range of clothes and how to make them fit for their own special events. Imagine wearing suit to club or wearing harness to office…..ridiculous!

Jimin of BTS in red suit
popular styles

One of the most significant outcomes of the famed Industrial Revolution was the mechanization of textile manufacture. The power loom and the mechanized cotton mill resulted in a huge increase in the quantum of production by shortening the time required for production manifold.

Technology has even taken fashion into creating outfits not only for daily wear or occasions but uniforms, there are clothes or outfits designed for specific purpose like the space outfit, the military uniform, the swimsuits, hamzat suits and others. It has been able to develop textures and materials but incorporating the high-end technology like atomic force microscopy and polymeric nano-fibres into designs, manufacturing and testing of fabrics. The power loom and the mechanized cotton mill resulted in a huge increase in the quantum of production by shortening the time required for production manifold. In the more recent times, there has been a proliferation of novel materials designed, and this has enhanced both the quality and adaptability of fabrics.

Hamzat Suit

Technology like computers have helped in the visual representation of an outfit to be designed, it gives a detail and picture of how the outfit will turn out and where It needs touches, accessories and adjustments. Imagine using CAD or running the computerized knitting and weaving machinery, makes work easier and neater right? Definitely yes!

According to Mark Twain “the finest clothing ever made is a person’s skin, but of course, society demands something more” which is definitely true. As long as the society longs for move improvement, different styles and trends, fashion can’t part ways with technology.

Today, fashion is an interesting aspect as we have robots and machines that cut, sew, designs clothes in faster rates than humans, it’s even more perfect and neat than the ones human do, very much easier, neat and stress free. The AL algorithm even do much as predicting styles trends with the VR mirrors placed in dressing rooms, technology is really making fashion a very interesting aspect to venture, study and know of.

Robot sewing machine
VR mirrors in dressing rooms


Fashion technology is the characterization of physical form and digital experience that converge towards your aspirational self. Take a look at the sewing machine, the sewing machine affected not just tailoring and dressmaking but manufacturing technology, intellectual property management, marketing, advertising, consumer finance, world commerce, and technological leadership. It was the first machine with a significant advantage in speed over hand sewing, but was limited to straight stitching and could complete only a limited length of material at a time.

local sewing machine

Today, it has done much in helping women reduce their stress drastically in their domestic work. Back then, they spend hours knitting, weaving and making new textiles using hand. It’s time consuming and stressful but technology has done a good job in inventing sewing machines which have evolved from the old ones to these ones we see everywhere today to the industrial in combination with the cotton gin, the spinning jenny, and the steam engine which made clothing production much easier and much cheaper for mankind. The continuing development of machine sewing is in part the story of the changing balance between household and factory but now the attraction is no longer saving time or money, but creating apparel and home furnishings with designs unavailable in the marketplace. In the global economy pioneered by the sewing machine, household and industrial sewing have parted ways again.

industrial sewing machine

We cannot argue the fact the clothes made by industrial machines are hundred times better, neater, faster, unique, perfect in quality than those made with hands or ordinary sewing machines. The locally made clothes requires human to calculate the measurements, cut them out with hands which will never be perfect and also sew them themselves which can never be neat and perfect like that of the industrial ones.

The greed of man to create unique, comfortable new trends will never make fashion break up with technology. Technology has made great changes in fashion by creating instruments and machines that detects qualities of jewelries, textures and also classify them into their comfortability. It is said that black color loves to absorb heat and therefore makes people hot when they put it on during summer but technology has made a way to help people who love to wear black irrespective of the season to go for clothes of their choices in black color and of course with lessened heat absorption and the same goes for other categories of fabrics and textiles.

Black thin jacket
black thin tops

Technology and fashion still have a long way to go as we can see in different fashion shows where different styles, trends, blends and creations are being introduced to the public, some with reference to culture, events, specific types of people, charity fund raise etc. with increasing tension and thirst to provide for and satisfy human greed. They will always be friends and work hand in hand to cater for humans as long as the earth exists in the solar system.


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