As long as the sun rises and set, the issue of food will forever be a very essential thing the world needs to function and continue its daily activities.


Be it animals, plants or humans, none can survive without this element called food, that is how important, basic and essential it is!

What is food?

Food is any edible or suitable substance taken in by individuals, animals or plant to enhance their life style, health and nutrition in order to carry out their activities and purposes.

shrimp lettuce

Food has been an issue of importance longer than mankind can imagine and it will continue to stay that way.

Consumption of food wasn’t really a problem century back since mankind was not large enough to fight for food, it was in abundance but as centuries rolled by, the rate of food consumption, the wanting to make it last longer, to develop new foods and explore food materials have brought in the contribution of science.

Varieties of Food

Science has been a friend of many aspects in which food was not left out. Science has done a good job in developing many more foods and also evaluates how they can benefit mankind and still doing so till today. They even went as far as determining the amount of nutrients each food contains and in what ratio they can be taken.

Science proved their worth further by inventing flavors, spices and condiments to enhance what we take in for proper functioning of our system. It provided ways to combine various foods for delicious tastes and making it a balanced diet. Thanks to science we are even able to preserve our food and make the best of our fruits by making juices for quenching of thirsts, occasions or for relieving stresses, these in different classes.

Fruit juice

Technology stepped in to assist science in making their dream a better and excellent reality and also help enhance their products by helping in the aspect of the selection of right food recipes and match, research by taking into consideration tastes, likings, health and allergies, development of how they are produced and manufactured and preservation by looking for ways to improve their shelf life, packaging to make it look edible, pleasing and alluring, distribution of the food materials to where they are needed and for readily availability.


Technology teamed up with science and even invited branches like bio-technology to make food worth it for the living. It firstly focused on mainly preservation of food and how to increase their shelf life before it saw the need to develop machines to refine their qualities, affordability and also retain their nutrients as much as possible. It provided a way for food to be refined and still be kept fresh therefore reducing the cost of making food fresh as possible as it was done before it got involved through the invention of machines.

Today, food is no longer about consumption and how it helps the body, it has branched into how it can sustain human for longer period due to alarming rate of demand for food by human, and the world population is no joke. Food science and technology has shaken hands with agriculture to make the development a food to provide sufficiency possible.

Agriculture has upped their game today by the using robots and machines to enhance the provision and growing of foods. The manual farming and way of food generation can never cater for the daily and heavy demand of food by living things especially humans with the way there are new babies welcomed into the world daily. We can never depend on human effort and strength, technology is needed to make sure there is efficiency, abundancy and speed in farming.

Food agriculture

Introduction of drones to commercial farming has helped farmers take note of how their crops grow and it’s faring without having to work miles into the field. They can easily spot infected plants, distribute pesticides and fertilizers with ease and also stay updated about all areas of the field without toiling hard. The only disadvantage drone has one mankind is stealing of job opportunities meant for man which is also not a good side to the world in terms of employment.

smart robotic in agriculture futuristic concept

Advancement in food technology has even given way for how to find what we eat and also how to dispose them. We even live in a world where everyone wants to own a building in a planet which comprises of 70% water and only 30% land and the human population is increasing rapidly in billions making it hard for agriculture to extend their land for more provision and production of food. This has brought about food security into the unending list of mankind and leaving us with how to prevent the world from going into hunger.

Food waste management has also helped in preserving of food over times. There are applications developed to help people put food to excellent use. They help restaurants advertise their food to people nearby to prevent their food from wastage and also the habit of exchanging food in communities or inviting friends or families over for food is also a way of keeping food from wastage.

Food sharing

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Biotechnology also lent their hands by venturing into altering crops genetically to be grown and produced even in their non-favorable habit or home. There are crops in development that are genetically modified to grow in habitats besides their natural ones, to increase yield productivity to feed more people as demands rise higher. Wheat, grains and other animal products have proved to be successful in this aspect. fertilizers produced are filled with suitable nutrients in ratios to how they are need for the successful growing of crops and animal foods are enhanced with nutrients to make them healthier and reproduce faster.


Social media has helped a lot in exposure of foods to continents and thus increased inter-tribe, interracial or intercontinental dishes consumption. Social media handlers go about and look for delicious restaurants, take their food and if excellent, palatable or something unique to their taste, they post the food pictures in a pleasing style and give review to their followers which prompt them to try or check them out, bringing exposure to that particular food and if possible, the country or culture it’s associated with. Some even make money off this because it has become one of their side jobs or daily lives.

instagram photos

Technology has given way for recipes and guidelines of food to be shared without stress. Wanting to cook a new food without its recipe is no longer a task with headache since all it takes is to visit the net, check the recipes, get them and follow guidelines E.g a cooking channel. Recipe sites or cooking channels have surpassed manual cookbooks. One can easily find guidelines about foods no matter what class they fall in either gluten-free or vegan, snacks lovers or fruit lovers.

cooking book

Also the ability of human to transform food from one appearance to another or make out a new food out another has helped human developed good, delicious and healthy foods over time. A person with a bag of rice and doesn’t love to eat rice much but loves rice wine, rice shakes can easily make use of their rice in this way preventing it from staying at home longer than necessary.

Rice Shakes

Bananas, cashew, mangoes and other fruits that can perish fast can be turned to fruit juice while cucumbers, carrots, cabbages, grapes, pawpaw, strawberries can be used for fruit salads.

Fruit Salad

Technology has also helped to experience food in different states. Chilled fruits, drinks tastes refreshing and delicious than when they are in their ordinary state. Even yogurt and ice-creams are best when they are chilled. Technology through the use of freezers and refrigerators has increased the life span of food before it goes into spoilage.

Ice cream

Technology might have helped food greatly but it also has its side of negativity. Mentioning few is exposure to cancers by high consummation of canned foods, destruction of ingredients and nutrients during production etc. these are only are few to give a glimpse of the danger of food technology which will be discussed someday,

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