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How to Pick the Perfect Laptop for you

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Since the introduction of smartphones, people are needing laptops less and less. However, there are still certain things are laptop is better at or can be used for that a smartphone cannot be used for. E.g. Developing a Mobile application or playing certain games.

Picking a laptop based on certain specifications is good but picking a laptop that with the right specifications is better. Below are steps to guide in picking the perfect laptop for yourself.

Step 1: Determine what you would be using the laptop for.

Knowing what you plan to use the laptop for is important. It could be for causal purposes like streaming movies, using Microsoft office, browsing the internet, etc.  It could be a laptop you use for work purposes or school or programming or gaming, etc. The point is, once you determine what you would use the laptop for it is easier to determine the specifications to look out for.

Step 2: Determine the laptop specifications that matter to you.

Now that you know what the laptop is for, you can determine the specifications that are most important to you. What sort of applications are going to be on your laptop, do they require a lot of processing power? Do you need a lot of space?  Are high end graphics important? If you know the specifications, you need most of the problem has been solved. If you do not know which specification to look out for start with the basics: size, speed, graphics, and memory. Size majorly refers to the laptop screen size, is this important to you? For speed do you mind a slow laptop or a laptop that would drag if multiple apps were open simultaneously? If you are using your laptop for more than watching movies, internet browsing and Microsoft office, avoid Pentium processors.  If graphics are important to you, research on graphics cards. For storage do you really need a laptop that has 1 TB? Write out the laptop specifications you desire and rank them from most important to least important. Write down the minimum laptop specifications you can work with. For example for people that will use apps like AutoCAD, Netbeans, a 4GB RAM should be the minimum specification for RAM.

Step 3: Good Specs equal Good money, what’s your budget?

Everybody has a maximum amount they can afford to spend on a laptop, what is your budget? What specifications can you afford to let go of (budget wise)? Can

Step 4: Stick to your chosen specifications and budget.

The people in stores are sales people , it is their job to sell you products. However a laptop with the specifications you desire is always better than their recommended laptops.


If you follow these steps religiously you are certain to pick the perfect laptop for you.


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