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How to Pick the Perfect Laptop for you

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Smartphones are mobile so are laptops but the former cannot carry out large operations and tasks hence the need to get the latter. A Laptop is a complex form of a smartphone with larger storage space, processing power, memory, and capacity. People purchase, use, and need laptops for purposes such as Work, education, playing games, and general use. The difference between a laptop and a desktop is mobility, otherwise, they have the same capacity and tendency to carry out large operations. When you are on the go to pick a laptop, what are the things to consider? This will depend on the task or purpose you want to use the laptop for such as gaming, video and graphics editing, assignment, or writing. Picking a laptop based on certain specifications is good but picking a laptop with the right specifications is better. Below are sequential steps to guide you in picking the perfect laptop for yourself.

Step 1: Determine what you would be using the laptop for.

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The first step to picking the perfect laptop for yourself is to know what you would be using the laptop for. A laptop serves different purposes like gaming, browsing the internet, streaming movies, and other casual purposes. A laptop can also be used for business, work purposes, academic purposes, and programming. The point is, once you determine what you would use the laptop for, it is easier to determine the specifications to look out for. Purposes like gaming, programming, video, and graphics editing would need a high-processing laptop than for purposes like writing and browsing.

Step 2: Determine the laptop specifications that matter to you.

Now you are convinced of what you would be needing the laptop for, now it’s time to know the specifications that best suit your need. A laptop specification includes all the features and information that make up the laptop

The important specification of a laptop includes the amount of storage, battery life, CPU, RAM, SSD, operating system, and size. The purpose of getting the laptop would determine the specifications you want. For instance, a laptop intended for gaming will need minimum specifications of; windows 10 OS, Intel i7-9700k CPU, 16GB RAM, and 20GB SSD due to its high processing power. While for a laptop intended for academics, the minimum specifications should be; an i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Linux OS, and a good keyboard as you would be typing a lot.

To plan for the best options that suit your laptop needs, write out the laptop specifications you desire and rank them from the most important to least important. Write down the minimum laptop specifications you can work with. For example for people that will use apps like AutoCAD, and Netbeans, 4GB RAM should be the minimum specification for RAM.

Step 3: Good Specs equal Good money, what’s your budget?

Now you have curated the specifications that match the need for getting a laptop, what next? Your budget. Everybody has a maximum amount of money they can afford to spend on a laptop. The budget of a laptop would depend on the type and specifications you are going for. A gaming laptop would be way more expensive than a normal laptop because of its high processing power and graphics card. Typically, a gaming laptop price ranges from 700$-1000$ while a normal laptop could go for 600$-750$. Sometimes, your budget could be the first determinant when looking to get a laptop, and then you build your specifications and needs to suit that amount.

Step 4: Stick to your chosen specifications and budget.

Now you know the type, specifications, and budget of the laptop you want, it is time to go pick it up from the store. The people at the stores are sale personnel and would want to sell you products by recommending other options for you but it is best you stick with your desired choice. The laptop with the specifications you desired is always better than recommended laptops. If you follow these steps religiously you are certain to pick the perfect laptop for you.

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