Photography according to Oxford Languages’ dictionary is the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.






Human’s eyes is the greatest lens and memory is the greatest storage and this has been our cameras for capturing moments, emotions, situations and happenings before the invention of cameras. Our memory can store things we capture with our eyes for a very long time and even if possible till death except instances of memory loss due to accident or illness.

The invention of cameras came from the thirst of wanting to capture moments and be seen with the naked eyes even after a long time and also be able to share them with others. The first photograph was taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in the year 1765-1833 but the shortcoming was needed a period of eight hours of being exposed to light before the picture could surface and at the end of the day it appeared fuzzy.

First Photograph





Since then there have been series of invention of cameras and upgraded lens and sharpness. Cameras these days even have portability as one of its features. Back then it was always hectic carrying camera from one place to the other since it was big in size but now we even have pocket sized cameras for quickly capturing things we want to captures.

Advancement in the technology of cameras has enabled us to take photos anywhere, anytime without looking for a professional who will take the photos. Phone cameras are now designed to compete with camera lenses. Capturing beautiful moments is just a click on the camera or phone. This was not possible back then since only professionals, rich people or photographers have a camera in their possession. One would have to look for a studio before they could take photos, what an easy world technology has created for us. Photos taken by the latest galaxy Samsung and iPhones are no joke because their camera lens and pixels have been upgraded and enhanced to even beat the lens of some cameras. The zoom in of these phones is still as clear as clean water because of the advanced technology used in building their cameras.









Another advantage is being able to check, save and edit a picture taken immediately on the spot. Technology advancement has incorporated this into phone and camera features which have saved time and money which was a delaying factor in the olden photography. You can now take pictures at events and have your hard copy or even the soft copy instantly without stress. Photo editing has taken different turns as photos can be manipulated and even different backgrounds can be put into photographs, facial features can be altered and many things to try out, technology sure has make things very interesting and fun.

Photographs can be easily distributed from phones to phones, cameras to phones and computers or even from computers to phones in a speed of light now due to the Bluetooth sending features invented on the devices because there are situations where pictures taken will be needed by other parties that featured in the photograph.








Technology also didn’t leave us alone to taking of quality pictures and photographs, they constantly invent gadgets to enhance their appearance, beauty and outcome. The use of light bouncers, ring lights and other gadgets are found in photograph studios used during photo shoots of models, brand items or other things to make them more pleasing to the eyes. Cameras can be placed on tripods to take better, higher or lower angles, LED lights to give it different moods and vibes, selfie sticks to raise phones up to heights not possible for hand to capture wider range for selfie pictures.

Wireless charging smartphone Gimbal has features built in buttons that makes one focus, view, zoom, and create slow motion, panorama and other shots without touching your phone. Waterproof cameras that allow one to take moments under water, Polaroid cameras that prints out photos taken on the film inserted.

With many people interested in photography and photography becoming something we do every day and social media helping promote the culture, technology will never stop developing gadgets with high quality technical features to enhance the beauty of photographs, stay tuned!


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