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iPhone tricks you should know about

This is for you fellow iPhone enthusiasts. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned user, we all love discovering those hidden gems that make our iPhones even more awesome. Get ready to embark on a magical journey as we reveal seven incredible iPhone tricks that will leave you amazed and make your friends go “Whoa!” Read on.


1. Shake It Off to Undo Typing

IPhone trick you should know about

Have you ever made a typing blunder and wished there was an easy way to undo it? Well, worry no more. In your next typing blunder, Just give your iPhone a gentle shake, and like magic, the “Undo Typing” option will appear. It’s like having an invisible genie ready to fix your mistakes. No more tedious tapping on backspace!

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2. Hidden Magnifying Glass for superhero vision

IPhone trick

Do you struggle to read small text? Here’s a nifty trick. Head over to your iPhone settings and tap on “Accessibility.” Inside, you will find “Magnifier.” Enable it, and voila! Your iPhone camera will transform into a magnifying glass. You do not have to squint anymore, and you can even adjust the zoom level. With this, you can have a superhero vision.

3. Reduce Flashlight Brightness

Flashlight- iPhone trick

Another iPhone trick, you didn’t know was there. Intuitively, you must have gotten tired of blinding yourself with the default flashlight brightness. Do not get tired anymore. You can control the flashlight intensity. All you have to do is, just swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center. Long-press the flashlight icon, and voilà! You will see a brightness slider. Adjust it to your liking and light up your world, literally.

4. Turn standard vibration to rhythmic Vibrations

IPhone trick

Are you bored with the standard vibrations and do you want to add a personal touch? Go to “Settings,” then “Sounds & Haptics,” and choose “Ringtone.” Scroll down and tap “Vibration.” Here you can create a custom vibration pattern by tapping on the screen. Create rhythmic vibrations for your favorite contacts, and you will instantly know who’s calling, even in a noisy room. It’s just like composing a symphony on your iPhone.

5. Quick Camera Access

iPhone trick

Picture-perfect moments can slip away while fumbling to open the camera app. You don’t have to be Fearful about that anymore, for there is a trick. Simply swipe left on the lock screen, and voila! The camera is at your fingertips, ready to capture those fleeting memories. There will be no more missed opportunities, and you will become the master of spontaneous snapshots.

6. Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

iPhone trick

Expressing yourself with emojis is a language of its own. So why not make it easier? You can create shortcuts for frequently used emojis. All you have to do is,  Go to “Settings,” then “General,” and choose “Keyboard.” Tap on “Text Replacement,” and add your favorite emojis paired with shortcuts like “LOL” for 😂 or “Thumbs up” for 👍. Now, you can sit back and watch your messages transform into a vibrant emoji-filled wonderland

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7. You can Level Up Siri

iPhone trick

Siri is not just your digital assistant; she can be your comedian too. Give Siri a dose of humor by asking questions like “Tell me a joke” or “Beatbox for me.” Siri will unleash her wit and charm, surprising you with clever responses. You can discover new commands and unlock the full potential of Siri’s entertainment value.


Congratulations, iPhone enthusiasts. You have now unlocked a treasure trove of iPhone tricks to make your device even more amazing. From undoing typing blunders with a simple shake to personalizing your vibrations and exploring Siri’s comedic side, these tricks will leave you in awe. So go on, dazzle your friends, and embrace the magical world of iPhone wizardry. Remember, the fun never ends when you’re armed with these secrets.




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