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iPhone tricks you should know about



The iPhone is a one-of-a-kind device with a top-notch camera and amazing features. Apple keeps coming up with ways to dominate the smartphone market and please it’s die-hard fans. But I bet most iPhone users are unaware of the various things they can achieve with this device, even hidden camera features. In this article we will be looking at not so popular but very useful iPhone tips.

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1.Take a picture with your Earbuds/headphones

We have all been there, just before you press the capture button, your hands move a bit resulting in a blurry picture. Here is how to capture a picture using the Earbuds in 3 steps. This tip is only applicable to older iPhones with wired headphones.

1: Connect your Earbuds or EarPods to the iPhone.

2: Open the camera App

3: Steady your hand and focus on the photo subject

4: Use the up or down button on the cable to capture the photo.


2. Delete a text

Wrote something you didn’t want to write or typed in the wrong information? Shake your iPhone and type on Undo Typing to delete the message. If you want to keep a message, shake the iPhone and click on Redo Typing to get the message back.


3. Set Timer for music

The timer on the clock of your iPhone or IPad can be used to turn off anything you are listening to or watching after a while. To do this, follow this simple steps.

1: Open the clock app on your iPhone

2: Click on the Timer tab located at the bottom of the screen

3: Select the length of time.

4: Select When Timer Ends.

5: Scroll down and select Stop Playing.

5: Click on Set located in the upper right-hand corner of the display.

4 Prevents Apps from asking for feedback

It is quite annoying right? You use an app for about 30 minutes and an alert pops up asking you for feedback on the app.

To prevent that from happening again simply go to Settings > Select ‘iTunes & App store’ > Switch off ‘App Ratings & Reviews’.

5 Closes browser Tabs automatically

Too many open tabs can slow down the browser and make it run less efficiently. To automatically close the browser, follow these steps.

1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

2: Scroll down and Select the browser (Safari).

3: Select Close Tabs.

4: Choose your most preferred option: close tabs after a day week, month or leave it on manual mode.

6. Measure items with the iPhone

If for some reason you need to measure something, but you can’t find a measuring tape, your iPhone can come in handy. Whether it is a room or objects, there is an inbuilt measuring tool on the iPhone. While it isn’t 100% accurate, it can give you an idea of object’s measurements.

1: Open the measure app.

2: Move your iPhone around to get a proper scan of the area.

3: Hold the iPhone in such a way that the camera is focused on the object you want to measure

4: Move the iPhone around till a white circle with a dot appears in the middle.

5: Line the white dot with one edge of the object you want measured.

6: Press the button with the plus sign.

7: Move the iPhone to the opposite edge of the object.

8: Press the button with the + sign.

9: The measure app will show the appropriate measurement of the object.






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