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LG Quits Smartphone Market: Notable LG Inventions

LG Tble display

After slightly over a decade in the smartphone market, LG has called it quits. The popular electronics brand has decided to focus more on electric cars instead. During its time as a smartphone manufacturer, LG may not have been the most preferred smartphone brand but it made a significant impact on the smartphone market with its inventions. Let us look at some of the remarkable inventions LG through the years.


Ultra-wide cameras

LG was the first smartphone brand to add ultra-wide cameras to their phones starting with their G5 smartphone. Ultra-wide cameras allowed people to take pictures with smartphones that were previously with the assistance of a camera gear head. Other smartphone brands adopted this feature afterwards and now almost all recent smartphones have ultra-wide cameras even the mighty Apple.


Unique headphone jack

Another one of LG’s invention is a unique headphone jack with their V20 phone, and this feature was ironically released in the same year Apple decided to stop headphone jacks. This headphone jack worked with a hardware feature that boosted the sound quality of whatever you were listening to. Though this did not make as much waves as the ultra-wide camera, it became a trademark for LG high end smartphones.


Aspect Ratio and Bezels

Smartphones have recently gotten taller and the space between the touchable part of the screen has been reducing. The first major smartphone that had these features was LG’s 2017 G6 but it was quickly overshadowed by Samsung S8 which had sleeker but similar features.


Triple cameras

LG is the reason we have triple cameras on our smartphone today. Like the inventions listed above, LG pioneered the use of triple cameras on smartphones with their V40 which came with the first triple camera feature.


Last Phones before Exit

Last year, LG introduced WING 5G to the market: A 5G enabled phone with two screens. The aim of this design was to allow users switch between apps and multitask easily. One of the screens could rotate in a 90 degrees position.

3 months ago, LG released some details about its latest phone: a phone that could be rolled into a tablet. LG initially said the phone was to be released later this year but with the announcement of its withdrawal from the smartphone market, it is not going to be released anymore.

The smartphone market would surely miss LG’s innovative features and out of box thinking when it came to smartphones. LG says it will continue to sell its smartphones across the world for as long as they are in storage. It also says it will continue to support existing smartphones with software updates for a ‘Period of Time. There was no specific date given to indicate when this support would end.

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