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LG Quits Smartphone Market: Notable LG Inventions

LG Tble display


In a shocking announcement, LG, the South Korean electronics giant, recently declared its departure from the smartphone market. This decision marked the end of an era for a company that had long been a prominent player in the industry. Throughout its journey, LG introduced numerous groundbreaking inventions that captivated users worldwide. Let’s take a moment to celebrate some of LG’s most notable contributions to the world of technology.

1. LG G5 Smartphone

LG G5- LG quit smartphone business

In 2016, LG unveiled the G5, a revolutionary smartphone that introduced a modular concept. This innovation allowed users to swap out components, such as the battery or camera, by simply sliding them out from the bottom of the phone. The concept aimed to enhance user convenience and extend the device’s lifespan. Although the G5 didn’t achieve significant commercial success, LG’s bold experimentation demonstrated the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

2. LG Flex Series

LG flex series- LG quits Smartphone business

LG’s Flex series showcased the company’s prowess in flexible display technology. The LG G Flex, released in 2013, and its successor, the G Flex 2, introduced curved OLED displays that offered enhanced ergonomics and a unique visual experience. These devices also boasted self-healing capabilities, allowing minor scratches on the back panel to disappear over time. While the Flex series didn’t achieve mass-market popularity, LG’s exploration of flexible displays laid the groundwork for future advancements in the industry.

3. LG V Series; Dual series

LG V series- LG quits smartphone market

The LG V series smartphones, starting with the V10 in 2015, incorporated a dual-screen design, delivering multitasking capabilities and expanding the possibilities of mobile productivity. With a secondary display placed above the primary one, users could access shortcuts, and notifications, and even run two apps simultaneously. The V series continued to evolve, introducing refined dual-screen experiences and solidifying LG’s commitment to providing unique and practical features.

4. LG V20: Fidelity Audio

LG V20- LG quits smartphone business

Recognizing the importance of audio quality, LG leaped forward with the V20, focusing on delivering an exceptional audio experience to consumers. The V20 featured a Quad DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), allowing for superior sound reproduction and enabling audiophiles to enjoy their music with remarkable clarity. LG’s dedication to audio innovation set the V20 apart from its competitors, earning it a dedicated fanbase among music enthusiasts.

5. LG G Series

LG G series- LG quits smartphone market

LG’s G series smartphones brought forth an impressive camera feature—a wide-angle lens. While most flagship smartphones focused on telephoto or depth sensors, LG opted to provide users with the ability to capture a wider field of view. The wide-angle lens allowed for stunning landscape and group shots, providing a refreshing perspective in mobile photography. This unique camera feature showcased LG’s commitment to empowering users with versatile imaging capabilities.


As LG bids farewell to the smartphone market, it is essential to appreciate the company’s contributions to the industry. LG’s innovative spirit and willingness to take risks led to the development of several noteworthy inventions. From the modular design of the G5 to the flexible displays of the Flex series and the dual-screen capabilities of the V series, LG consistently pushed boundaries and aimed to offer distinctive experiences to its users.

While LG faced challenges and fierce competition in the smartphone market, the company’s dedication to innovation should be commended. It is through such groundbreaking inventions that the technology landscape evolves, pushing other manufacturers to strive for excellence.

As we bid farewell to LG’s smartphone division and the end of the smartphone business, let us remember the company’s bold ventures and celebrate the impact it made on the industry. LG’s legacy will be etched in the annals of technological advancements, and its inventions will continue to inspire future generations of innovators.




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