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Most Anticipated Mobile Phones in 2021

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The evolution of mobile phones has been taking a rapid pace, with the technology demand on all-time high, mobile-phones tech companies are running the race to win the market for the product. Here we look at those phones that haven’t yet been launched, the upcoming phones for 2021.
Mobile phones in anticipation or yet to be seen are certainly expected to have greater touch of sophistication in terms of features and design. That’s, it’s not only expected of them to have greater quality in the existing or known features such as a better camera quality, but also to come with entirely new features and designs novel to users’ experience.

As it has become a tradition, tech giants like Samsung and iPhone are yet again at the forefront of things this year. Samsung is up first with its lineup, which is rumored to debut January 14 with a trio of powerful phones, including one that should sport dual telephoto lenses and S Pen support. 2021 is surprisingly proving to be on the run, as rather than the usual February/March unveiling, Samsung has launched the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S21 on January 14 already.

Similarly, if it falls through as planned, the Apple company is also expected to launch iPhone 13 on September 2021. And Apple reportedly has several upgrades in mind for this year’s lineup.
However, other phone tech giants like Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, and more, as noticed yearly of them, will be giving these dominating companies a run for the race of supremacy in the mobile tech world still this year.
In the light of this, list of upcoming most anticipated phones for the year 2021 are stated below.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
In 2021, there’s expectation that Samsung will release its foldable phones which it has put more of its focus into. They are due to launch separately from the Galaxy S update, so many think it will appear in June 2021 or a little later. The display is said to get an update to 120Hz for smoother scrolling, while it’s thought it’s going to be cheaper than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

OnePlus 9, 9 Pro and 9E
OnePlus 9 live image has purportedly been leaked online showing a image that suggests 12GB of RAM and 256GB of onboard storage. It has been speculated to debut in March, and it might look pretty much like the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE as it is rumored to have a surface similar.
The leak also revealed a Specifications, design which suggests OnePlus 9 may come with a curved display, with a triple rear camera setup along with a laser autofocus module. Alongside OnePlus 9 Pro and a cheaper model that could be called OnePlus 9E or OnePlus 9 Lite, OnePlus 9 is likely to debut in March.

One Plus

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max
The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will definitely have new features, and it’s also claimed that at least one will be portless, this will be a boom for manufacturers of wireless chargers.

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone

Galaxy Z Folds
Galaxy Z Fold 2 is remarkably anticipated for its foldable attribute. It’s well equipped with impressive features that are certainly to make it one of the most sought-after mobile phones in 2021.
The Galaxy Z Fold 3 version is more promising as it has more amazing features of the phone. It’s called fold because the main feature is that it folds out from a regular phone into a tablet. Combined camera setup, RGB light strip on the hinge and the support of S Pen are some features Samsung is said to have in mind to improve on it.
Similarly, Galaxy Z Flip 3 is rumored to be coming out soon. It is also heard that there will be no Z Flip 2, Samsung are seeking numerical symmetry with the Z Fold 3. And is also rumored that there will be a small budgets lite version.

Apple iPhone SE Plus
Not sooner than 2020 iPhone SE was made public, rumours started circulating about a larger model. It is widely wondered if a Plus model will be launched to fit into the iPhone 8 Plus space, just like the iPhone SE took the iPhone 8 body. In any case, this model is certainly going to be yet another one of the most sought-after Mobile gadgets in 2021.

Apple iPhone SE

Xiaomi Flip Phone
Xiaomi, manufactured in China are known for their number of foldable prototypes, and in 2021 we expect nothing but at least three folding devices from them. These would include out-folding, in-folding, and also the clamshell.

Xiaomi Flip Phone

Nokia 9.3 PureView
There are rumours that Nokia would be holding an event to launch its new devices in November. And there are indices that Nokia 9.3 PureView might be on the list of those soon to be launched devices. There are suggestions that there would be an update in February as a leaked doc has hinted at a Nokia 10 probability already. So, it’s for us to anticipate the arrival.

Nokia 9.3 pureview

LG Rollable
The list would not be complete without the reference to this LG revolutionary product. LG is a Korean tech company known more widely for its TV products. It has shown readiness overtime to have a bragging right in the mobile phone industry, 2021 is no exception as its LG Rollable may be one of the best smartphones that would be rolled out this year. But if not, it’s certainly something you would want to look out for. If the phone proved to be as good as it is rumored, it’s a phone that will look like a normal handset at a glance, but it can be expanded to a tablet.

LG Rollable

These are just few among the arrays of mobile phones to be released this year. However, the list captures some of the most anticipated or sophisticated mobile phones slated to be released this year.

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