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Freaky Reasons Robotics Technologies Could Get You Fired in 2021

robotics technologies

Right now, we are experiencing the fourth technical revolution when robotics technologies are developing at an incredible pace.

What areas are the most promising?
How will robots and technologies change our lives in years to come?

This post contains all the most interesting trends to show you the world of the nearest future.

Here we go ….

It’s not just that the trend of robotics technologies and automation of all stages of production and business processes is a key global trend in technology development. its indeed a trend that will be reckoned with and yes!!!

Robots will take away our usual works!!!

Machines are beginning to do better than humans with many tasks from Window cleaning to Resource management. Many whose work involves routine tasks will have to change jobs before the end of the decade. And then, the machines that will drive us out of work need to communicate with each other.

The second most important trend is the Internet of Things.

Its implementation will require the full development of 5g networks which will automatically become a trend soon. Year 2021 is likely to be the year when 5g will be significantly expanded and made available in many countries.

Stable connectivity and ultra-fast speeds will allow gadgets, robots and autonomous vehicles to collect and transmit more data than ever before leading to advancement in the Internet of Things.

The next technology that’s changing the world and business is 3D printing

This can print on a coffee cup, a house or a bionic prosthesis.

But that’s not all.

3D printing is also developing in bioengineering before the end of the next decade, we will probably be able to print not only on individual organs but also our full copy.

What kind of developments will smart columns get, judging by the decline and cost of Amazon and Google’s voice assistance? As they don’t generate much income.

The only way to make millions on them is to use them for personalized advertising. And many analysts believe that it will appear in smart columns very soon.

The second way to commercialize voice assistance is including them in all sorts of gadgets.

The trend for voice communication will continue to evolve, perhaps in the future, we will forget what a keyboard is. At least on smartphones, the focus in 2021 will be on virtual and augmented reality technology.

The promising applications are; visualization assisted design service and maintenance as well as Training and Simulation. By the way, a significant reason for many consumers to buy gadgets for virtual reality in 2021 will be for the re-issue by valve of a series of games like half-life. This will be available exclusively to the owners of its VR set.

Also, an unpleasant but an inevitable trend is the use of artificial intelligence for cyber warfare.

The next trend is to expand Human capabilities through technology

Physical opportunities will be expanded through the implementation or placement of special devices on the body. But the technology for which the real struggle is, will be a cognitive augmentation which will help in expanding the thinking abilities of man.

Also, there will be various new gadgets which will follow our dreams closely and improve it through machine learning and fine tuning to our features.

Another important trend coming our way is the crisis of confidence in artificial intelligence

This will not only collect data from users everywhere but, it would also be increasingly used to make decisions without human involvement.

This requires the development of concepts such as ethical algorithms and management based on neural networks with explanatory capacity.

Already, artificial intelligence hires loans and even condemns criminals. Incorrect algorithms in these areas can seriously affect people’s lives.

In 2021, simulation model systems will continue to develop where machines can learn faster and safer in the real world.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms will be able to interact with each other to perform more complex tasks, learn faster and help each other.

This will be the first step towards a common artificial intelligence.

Autonomous robots will become more intelligent

Most autonomous machines operate in a controlled environment but evolution will soon bring it to public space.

Both single robots and swarms of robots working together for example in a delivery or in agriculture.

In 2021, green innovation will be a reality, the Internet of Things, neural networks and big data will allow to estimate consumption, reduce demand and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions while reducing costs and creating new sources of income.

Renewable electricity, public investment in green start-ups, user applications and interfaces that shape green habits will become not just the norms but necessities.

The Internet of Things and internet cars will be added to the Internet of our bodies.

In 2021, there will be applications that not only will receive and process various indicators of the human body as it is happening now.

But also, as it automatically interferes with the current state of the user.

For example, correcting blood sugar parameters by injecting insulin into the body or ordering medication for early diagnosis of colds.

But this is child’s play compared to editing artificial intelligence of our genes.

The development of neural networks of drugs and vaccines diagnosis and operations by robots:

It’s all developing in 2021, but the undisputed leader of trends is the widespread introduction of computer vision from autonomous transport to facial recognition-based security systems including recognition in the dark.

The ability of machines to identify objects and places by visual images will be an apple of discord between those who want to use technology for business and security and those who want to protect their own privacy.

All of these trends will require more and more computing resources. So, 2021 will be the ideal time to master quantum computing.
Universal quantum computers are not yet available but specialists in quantum computing are already demanding and working on the first practical tasks at many companies, for example Microsoft.

Honeywell Righetti, Amazon IBM and d-wave open access to quantum demonstrators through public clouds.

Google declares this achievement of the advantage of its quantum demonstrator over classic supercomputers on a specially selected test task.

Robots and neural networks are affecting our everyday lives more and more every day…….

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