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Samsung is one of the top Smartphone brands in Nigeria and perhaps in the world, it has different series of phones. Each Samsung phone series has it strengths which it focuses on. Currently Samsung has 6 series of Smartphone. Namely Samsung Galaxy Z series, Note Series, S series, Note A series, M series and most recently the F series. Picking the right Samsung phone isn’t an easy task, however I hope to assist you to narrow it down to a series.

Samsung Galaxy S Series

The Samsung galaxy S series is Samsung’s Smartphone flagship. Its phone models have the best processors, largest ROM, waterproof designs, superb cameras, the best everything. At the time of writing this post, the latest Phone model in the S series is S21 Ultra, which boasts of a 5000 MAh battery, 108 mp rear end camera, S Pen support, processor of up to 4.2 GHz, 128 GB ROM, wireless charging and more.

Samsung Galaxy Z Series

This series consist of Samsung Fold-able phones. So far there are only 2 models in this category namely the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. The phones start up looking like a normal Smartphone but when you unfold it, it looks more like a tablet. Fold-able phones tend to be more expensive due to the advanced technology needed to create them. The latest being the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, so if fold-able phones are your thing then you should look into this Samsung Galaxy series.

Samsung Z Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy A Series

The Samsung Galaxy A series are less expensive than the S series, Note Series and Z series. However, they have lower specs and features when compared the previously mentioned Series. The Phone models in this Series boast of unique phone designs, good cameras, great features and more. If you are searching for a good Samsung Galaxy Phone with good features at affordable prices, this is the best series to go for. The latest phone model in this series is the A71 and it boasts of 2.2 Ghz,Super  AMOLED Plus Display,64 MP rear camera,32 MP front camera,8 GB RAM Size,128 GB ROM size and more.

Samsung F series

A recently introduced new Samsung phone series made specifically for the Indian market. This series boast of an affordable phone with amazing features such as a huge battery, Super AMOLED display,64 MP rear cameras, 128 GB ROM and more. It currently has two models, Samsung Galaxy F41 and most recently the Samsung Galaxy F62. The Samsung Galaxy F62 announced on released February 15 2021 to be released later in the Indian market stores.

Samsung M series

This is the lowest priced Samsung phone series. Its specs and features are quite similar to the lower priced Samsung Galaxy A series, this series is tailored for those on a budget. Though the lowest priced Samsung phone, the specs are still great for the average user.  This series boast of a good camera, good battery life, satisfactory battery capacity, and processor.


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