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Smartphone Classification Terms explained

Smartphones classification terms

On websites that review or give any sort of information on smartphones, words like flagship, mid-range, budget, premium are mentioned a lot. Unless you are familiar with these terms and their meaning, it can be confusing. In this article we would be looking at these terms and what they mean.

Premium Smartphones

These are special smartphones that get the best of everything a brand has to offer and some extra for smartphones. The best hardware and software the brand has to offer are given to these phones. They usually have best cameras, internal storage, most efficient processor and additional features like a pen, handcrafted cover; these devices are made for die-hard fans of the brand. They are more expensive than any other phone the brand produces and are manufactured in smaller quantities. For Samsung their premium phones are the galaxy note and Z series, for Apple their latest premium phone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Flagship Smartphones

Flagship Smartphones have similar features to the premium smartphones but they are lesser priced and without the gimmicks. These smartphones have the all-round best performance. Special features like a stylus pen might be missing but flagships are the only other type of smartphones that have the brands best features.  The flagships for Samsung are their Samsung Galaxy S Series, for Infinix their flagship are the Infinix Zero smartphones. The flagship smartphone of the brand is usually the second most expensive as they have major features missing in the other smartphones. Features such as a larger internal storage, a better RAM, a better camera, etc.


Mid-range Smartphones

Mid-range smartphones are smartphones that have some flagship features but at a more affordable price. Let’s assume that there is a flagship phone of a brand that has the following specifications for battery, camera, processor and storage respectively: 5000Mah, 104MP,8GB and 128GB. A mid-range smartphone of that same brand can have these features instead: 5000mAh, 64MP,4GB and 64GB. The Samsung A series, the Infinix S series can be classified as mid-range phones of their respective brands. However, some people choose to classify mid-range phones based on overall pricing and features available in the smartphone market. So if the price range of the typical flagship is between $1000 -$1500, smartphones that are cheaper than that or missing features common to most flagship phones might be referred to as mid-range phones despite being flagships of their brand. It is important to note this to avoid confusion.



Budget Smartphones

These smartphones are created to match the consumers’ budget with their lower price point and average performance. Their performance and features are termed average in comparison to flagship and mid-range smartphones. Budget Smartphones are designed for consumers on a strict budget that just needs a smartphone for basic use. This smartphone is sometimes termed low-end phones.


I hope this clarified the terms, budget smartphones,flagship smartphones, premium smartphones and mid-range for you.


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