There will never be a time when communication will ever be sidelined in our daily lives. Communications is something human, animals and even plants do. We express our feelings, thoughts, information and hints through communications.


Communications have evolved from talking, signaling, placing symbols, burning of fire, beating of instruments, writing all to way to calling and chatting on social media. In this century, communication has been made much easier with advancement in Technology.

Technology has paid its own share of efforts to make human communicate better day by day and even get instant reply. Those days when letters were mainly the only way, one has to wait days to receive a letter and the receiver wait days even months to receive reply. Looking back now we surely are enjoying the splendor of technology.

We came all the way from using telephones, faxing, radio receivers, and transmitters to calling, chatting, mailing and it’s even fascinating that we can see our faces through video calls, all thanks to the deep effort of technology to increase the joy of communication.

Technology even made it possible to meet and make new friends easily without having to see or visit them. We exchange pictures, contacts and information online with people we don’t h=know but met due to circumstances, situations, mutual interests, wanting to be friends, same country or culture, works or for the sake of projects.



Social media contributes the largest percentage to how human communications have been refined. Friends and families can easily catch up although they live far apart, long lost relatives can be found, people can pass their skills across to organizations who need them, build their careers, comedians can deliver contents, good traders can display what they have for better marketability and so on.

Joining chat rooms for education, social lives, skill developments and other aspects have been made possible by technology in communication. Information, educative documents and exchange of ideas is now possible at a faster, beautiful and excellent rate. It has also helped in the area of social anxiety because now it’s possible for people to say what they want without wallowing in the fear of standing on stage in front of hundreds or thousands.

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Technology did its best to make communication faster by coming from small meters radio transmission, satellites, wireless signals, 1G, 2G, 3G all the way to recently developed 5G to make it smooth, efficient and better. With the world population and rapid use of networks, there is need to expand the rate of network and its coverage. We have musical artists that would like to hold concerts online, seminars from all over the world and online meetings in this century and the thirst to accommodate more people as much as possible without overlapping in network or some people missing out is what has driven communication upgrade to this point.

online meeting

The joy of able to reach out to someone in times of urgency and get a reply back instantly has reduced frustrations of communication drastically. Technology have even made communication error free as much as possible, one can easily note an error in a project, chat or words to be sent and avoid misunderstanding or reason for disqualification. Keyboards these days even have voice typing options for when one is lazy or can’t use hands and they needed to type information over.

With the likes of Google, it’s nearly impossible to lose contacts with people now as they provide ways for you to store them on your mail and even if you do lose your phone, all you have to do is sign in to your mail, even more than contacts you can save your audio, videos and photo files in clouds or drive to have access to it anywhere you are on planet earth.

In the aspect of cost, technology has also tackled the expensive cost of communications. Data and free Wi-fis are available for communications at cheaper and affordable rate and you will get to communicate or pass across any information without breaking a sweat.

Technology has proved its worth in the agents, military and investigations fields and it will continue to extend its branch to all aspects possible, nothing can stop technology and it’s proving that to us daily.

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