We run, get weak, fall but the ability to stand again and continue the race is what makes it get called “living” – Mhizdarhmey

The health of everything breathing and growing has always been something to get concerned about. Even an engine used daily gets worn out no talk of us humans. The race to get our lives, environment, mindset, daily activities to a new level have opened door for everlasting stresses.

We run to work daily, work till evening or nightfall, run home to fix meal for ourselves or family, take care of chores and also try to finish the work we couldn’t finish or do in the daytime and the moment the morning strikes we get back to the same routine – what a chaotic cycle!

Medicine has existed for ages and the race of its betterment is still going on strong. From the moment some talented and capable humans were able to discover that there must be a cure for any illness, the race to extend human lives and keep them in great continuous began.

Hippocrates, Galen and some other physicians have done a great deal of work in experimenting the human system and how it works. Great scientists (biochemists, anatomist, surgeons etc) have also contributed their own share towards medicine to become what it is today. We came all the way from chewing and grinding of herbs, taking fruits and concoctions, broths, tonics, tablets, injections to surgery.

Modern medicine now has gone beyond what an ordinary man can comprehend especially the surgery aspect. Technology has branched in to chip in their own share of help in constantly producing machines, engines, tools, equipment etc to enhance modern medicine. The heartbeat of man can be calculated, heard and detected through stethoscope, what is going on inside the body can be filmed by x-ray machines, the MRI machines helps take pictures of the brain and detects any fault, how fascinating is technology!

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Now this day, technology really went out of their comfort zone to invent robots so they can help in medicine especially in surgery. These robots are designed to make surgery faster, more accurate and successful and less tedious. Brain surgeons (neurosurgeons) can testify to this wonder because the brain being the most delicate and sensible organ has been limited to certain surgery because any slight mistake, brush or touch on some parts can paralyze a part of the body due to the neurons being connected to it but robots have proved smarter and efficient than human and are able to make macro incisions without touching the delicate parts.

Surgical Robots

Although the robots are very useful and efficient, they are still controlled by humans on what to do and where to go, any wrong command can be life threatening to the patient on the table. These AI robots have high quality computer software that makes them have knowledge on every aspect and make it 98% error free.

These robots are also used for diagnosing patients, treat them and even take care of them. They perform faster, cheaper and excellent medical care than humans themselves and this has given doctors and nurses a breather in running around and kept from being overly exhausted.

Some robots have even helped in development of drugs, vaccines, injections, fluids etc for various health problems and human can’t be thankful enough. It would have been great if we could save our loved ones – perhaps, if they came faster but humans will still be thankful for their existence and technology is not done unraveling and displaying what it has up its sleeves. Who knows if robot will take over every job, even consulting in the medical aspects in the near future.


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