As much as human has lived from centuries to centuries, we’ve learnt, built and developed tools, instrument, equipment and other things to make our life easier.

We had to make fire then and did so by rubbing two sticks together to generate heat and eventually a spark, we tried out hitting two rocks together to create a spark on dry grasses but now we have gas cookers, gas stoves and all to make fire easier.

We’ve come a long way in our transportation life too. Looking back to the olden days, we travelled miles by foot. The rich could travel by donkey and horses but we were still limited. We were stuck to our continents and environments but now we can travel around the world thanks to technology who has thought hard and long, stood up to our aid and helped to design means of travelling, all the way from carts to cars, plane, trains and ships…what a lucky planet is ours!

Humans can now live their daily lives and combining fun to keep them in check and relieve them of stresses. We can decide to rock to music while working, watch the TV to keep up with news, watch dramas and movies when bored or even surf the net. We were able to enlarge our friends’ cycle by meeting new people both online and offline while also having a medium to keep up with them as much as possible.

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Technology has never stopped for a bit. It constantly thinks about how to make life better for human, animals, plants, things and the solar system as a whole. Thanks to technology, we can now take umbrellas out to prevent us being beaten by rain because of weather forecast. We can even know the time of arrival and distance of places we intend to travel to, how to prepare for the weather and even fun places to visit.

Tourists can easily go on net to find reviews and inquiry about where they intend to visit or tour because technology has made it possible for its pictures, videos and layouts to be taken, uploaded and explained for people to see, it has helped us reduced our wondering to the bare minimum.

Even in the kitchen we don’t spend all day anymore. Blenders, cookers and other appliances have been developed to make our food easier, tastier and faster. We can even store them for longer by refrigerating or addition of other addictive for preservation. Technology has done much in the field of food and help food scientist determine the shelf life of food, advanced way of preservation e.g storage in air tight container, helped in processing and refining, also changing food from one state to another to create varieties of food.

Technology has also enhanced our learning. We can write freely with pen without worrying about ink and brush like olden days. Projectors are available are available at classrooms, lecture rooms are built with the knowledge of technology to for a comfortable and conducive environment to enhance great learning. Laboratories are filled with apparatus, equipment and glassware to make our research worth it and be a success, technology is really a life saver!




This said technology has helped in increasing the world population too. Childbirth has always been an issue of concern from centuries back. Women face complications during childbirth and every continent, environment, culture had tried their best to help them through herbs and other ways but technology has opened the path of easiness and smooth child birth. We now have ways to take care of pregnancy even from the womb, we can now see how the baby is growing, what to do to ensure safety and how to correct complications by the use of ultra sounds. This has drastically reduced the pain and death of child birth in the world, kudos to the great technology.

These are just few of our daily lives that technology has branched in and helped refined, modified and provided comfort. Technology has always started with men thinking of how to make anything they use better and better and as long as that thought exist within us or as long as man exists, technology will never stop.


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