It’s no news that the world is going through a pandemic that has taken lots of lives and turned the world upside down. The virus called COVID-19 has put a sudden still on the world making it silent like the depth of a big ocean. Everywhere became dark, gloomy, and disorganized.

Things that made human lives a little bit enjoyable and made us push through with smiles on our faces were suddenly seized by the pandemic. We could no longer learn in classes, go out with friends, shake hands with people, hug them, go clubbing, go to the office, the beach, restaurants, and all.







The last pandemic

The last pandemic was the Hong Kong Flu which claimed many lives as well and here we are in another century battling with a new virus with no cure just at the beginning of a new decade that everyone had thought would be a wonderful journey and written bucket lists and wishes to fulfill.

Sadly, the world was put to a stop, and the lockdown was declared, it became one man to himself or family to themselves, no movement, no social life, and even no freedom to breathe freely! We have to cover our mouths and noses with face masks when going out as a protective measure, one can’t even cough without receiving a weird look, what a tiresome situation.






During the lockdown, technology made it possible for people to still keep in touch and help relieve each other’s boredom. Different games were released and made available for our mobile phones, many artists did online concerts e.g. BTS with Map of the Soul; O; and the release of Dynamite, and so on to make people feel energized since the world and its happenings have drained us of our energies.

We could check different shows on TV, resort to online classes, learn things online, and meet new friends to lessen the depression thanks to the help of technology that has made all this available. The invention of protective face protections for medical personnel and equipment for testing and obtaining results were all produced and released thanks to the cooperation between Technology and Science.

Technology has linked arms with science to develop machines to carry out research at faster rates. The invention of machines and programs for research and testing at a very astonishing rate were made to help the world breathe faster by creating Vaccines and treatment drugs for patients.

Technology even helped to prevent misinformation and false news by delivering accurate news about statistics and vaccine progress. It reduced the panic and stress it would have had on people who were already depressed due to the lockdown and sudden stop.


China developed Al and Data used in tracking patients and people they’ve come in contact with. People can be easily traced and the line of how they’ve met people could be determined so they can test everyone who they’ve come in contact with to prevent the virus from spreading more. Thermal CCTVs were developed to take temperatures of people as they pass through them to detect people who could be Covid-19 positive and big data were used to track them down so they could be attended to.

Machines were even developed to test people in their cars at checkpoints without having to drop down and make contact with others, they could be tested and treated on screen thereby reducing contact with people and preserving medical equipment for emergencies.

The world is on its toes running to find a cure so the world can become warm once again and save it from the cold clutches of Covid-19. The race for a vaccine to prevent people from contracting the virus while going back to their various works and jobs is going on as scientists have sleepless nights researching both the births, human beings, and how it works. Pszifer, the new vaccine that has been acknowledged safe by the World Health Organization (WHO) is still on limited access and technology is fighting hard to make it available as fast as possible so it can be widely distributed by inventing machines that will develop and package them at a faster rate.

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The long race that has taken more than a year has become something fruitful and the sign of a new beginning has come to light, we can now go out, and do little things to make ourselves happy as we await the new dawn when the earth will be free from the clutches of this deadly pandemic, we pray the sun rises soon!

RECOMMENDATION; if by chance you feel down please listen to BTS’ Dynamite, Life Goes On and Do What You Can by Bon Jovi.

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