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The 9 Proven ways to make money on Facebook

Aside from connecting with family, friends, and old schoolmates, do you know you can also make money from Facebook- A whooping sum. In previous years, the blue app platform was commonly used for connecting with people but now, it has become a money-making platform where businesses and individuals make their businesses and ventures stand out.
How to make money on facebook
If you are looking for ways to earn money online and have chosen the  Facebook option, below are 9 proven ways to go about it. Numerous individuals have indulged in these ways and they are reaping the benefits of their actions- You too can be like them by following the below ways. 
First, you should know that patience comes into play in this venture as you will have to use one or two strategies to get the desired results. The strategies include;
  • Affiliate Marketing Business
  • Mini importation or dropshipping business
  • Advertising brand products and services
  • And many more…………….

These Strategies can be further broken down into the following;

1. Be a Facebook influencer and monetize your worth

How would it feel to make money just from advertising services or goods on your Facebook page? But this is going to take a while after you have grown a large number of followers. When aspiring to make money on Facebook, Facebook influencer marketing is a good option. Facebook is the largest social media platform and people would love to advertise their goods there.

How do I get a large following, you would ask? You can get a large number of followers by posting useful and helpful content on your page. This is known as Content marketing. These contents should be tailored to your specific audience and the kind of services you may want to advertise in the future.

For instance, for a food page, you have to create informational and educational content about food. This will cause food lovers to follow your page, and learn and engage more about the food they love, thus increasing your followers over time.

2. Sell Products and Services on Facebook

Facebook is a nice platform to expose and sell your products and services to a large audience. This strategy of making money on Facebook is just like Facebook influencer marketing. This involves growing your followers on your Facebook page by creating content to resonates with your product, services, or expertise.

If you are looking to sell health products,  you can start by creating informational and educative health content on your page. In no time, your page is going to consist of followers who are interested in enhancing and improving their health and wouldn’t hesitate to buy your products or services. By the way of content strategy, you are making them build trust in you thus making it easy for them to buy from you.

To improve or enhance your content strategy, you can use carousels, give tricks and tips, and even create a website, where you display your Products and services.

3. Become an affiliate marketer

Selling through an affiliate link could be another strategy for you to make money on Facebook. With your large fan base and the built loyalty they have in you, you can sign in with high affiliate programs and sell their products or services on your page.

With a large follower base, promoting your affiliate products and enjoying groundbreaking commissions from each sale would be easy. To ensure greater reach, you can invest in Facebook advertising to reach out to people who are non-followers but might need your Affiliate services.

4. Become a Facebook Account manager

Facebook account management as opposed to the typical and common Social media management just focuses on the management of Facebook pages. This is another proven way to make money on Facebook as growing your page has already given you the edge to become an expert. With the knowledge and skills used in building your page, you can help other businesses who are seeking to make use of Facebook as a tunnel to grow

To be a proficient Facebook Page manager, you need to be updated on new trends and also garner skills like;

  • Facebook ads optimization
  • Customer service skills
  • Content marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Analytical Skill

with these skills managing Facebook pages will be easy and effective.

5. make money on Facebook through Facebook in-stream ads

Video ads streaming on Facebook is another prudent way to earn money on Facebook. All you have to do is post relevant videos that are informative and helpful on your Facebook page after you have built a large follower base. You can monetize these videos by allowing Facebook to place short ads in the form of pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads in between your videos, and in turn, you get paid.

For greater visibility of your video content, you should encourage your followers and viewers to engage in the comment section by starting a discussion.

6. Monetize Your Facebook Live Events

Monetizing your Facebook live event is another way to make money on Facebook. With a large follower base and many viewers, you can charge brands for product placement. Top brands can even sponsor your event because they want to use your event to create brand awareness for their business. Monetizing your Facebook live events would mean generating a high number of viewers, and charging brands for product placements.

For instance, during the IG live event hosted by versus, the proud sponsors were Apple and Ciroc. t

They used hip-hop to create brand awareness for their brand. This live session will witness more than a million views till the end of the event

7. Join A Facebook Group And Render Help

This may sound counterintuitive, but you can make money on Facebook by joining a closed Facebook group. As an expert in Facebook management, you can seek institutes that need their student to know your expertise. you can reach out to these institutes and make your intentions known, you might be lucky and get recruited and paid as a tutor.

Most times, some of these institutes might not have any openings available for you, but you could pitch the idea to them and get them to sign a contract with you.

8. Make Money On Facebook By Starting A Closed Group

You can also make money on Facebook by starting your closed group. How? you would ask.

If you are looking to sell courses and do not have the sum to create a website, you can use Facebook closed group as another option. In this closed group, you can offer your loyal followers a study and a Q&A session to keep them engaged.

This strategy is to start and sell a course with a low budget, especially when you do not have the funds to set up a website and create a student portal for your members.

9. Find A Job 

in this strategy, you don’t directly make money from Facebook as in other strategies. Here,  Facebook becomes a channel to get a job which in turn can make you money.

Different brands on Facebook post about their job openings in groups, as content on their page, or even using Facebook promotion mode. A simple search on the Facebook search bar can give you information closely related to your search, what you do then is to filter manually, the ones that look like recent job openings.

if you are confused about words to search, you can try out these phrases;

  • We’re hiring
  • Job opening
  • Vacancy for [Specific job name/term]
  • [Specific job name or term] to give you a precise result



The above strategies can help you make money on Facebook if implemented effectively. It might even earn you more than a full-time job. The skill you learn is also a determining factor of how much you would be able to earn on Facebook.

These strategies can also be implemented on other social media as well to make money but you have to be aware of the metrics for the strategies to be effective.


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