We can never deny that we don’t like or love food. Never ever!

No matter the class of eaters we find ourselves, be it vegetarian (strict and normal), all-rounder and so on, we eat food to survive. The only difference is what we eat and how we eat them.

Through the years, food has continued to be in existence with different recipes being invented daily. The use of spices, condiments, food contents in different ways, shapes and forms in combination with research on how they work for our body, the intake needed and the health benefits has helped create and recreate more foods in this modern day.

The room where the food we eat is prepared is known as the kitchen which is a must for every house. Back then, the kitchen and the bathroom have been an entirely separate building from the house because the use of firewood and earth pots were used for cooking and the smoke which is not good for the body should not be inhaled. They were not built in the house then but now that buildings have evolved they are now part of the rooms available in the modern house.

Olden Kitchen

The olden kitchen would usually contain grinding stones, clay pot stands and different local equipment for cooking. It is very hot, stuffy and takes a longer period of time for the food preparation to be done in which by that time the cook would have been extremely tired and exhausted but in the modern kitchen technology has really reshaped it.

Modern Kitchen

Technology in building made it possible to incorporate kitchen into the house where there is enough ventilation and a suitable atmosphere. Technology first began with stoves and coals for cooking before the invention of gas cookers and electric plates. Now we don’t have to worry about firewood and heat in the kitchen because the gas cookers and electric cookers do no radiate immense heat like that of firewood.



Olden kitchen then, one would do everything with hands, fan the fire, grate or grind the pepper, wash the dishes, wait for one food to be done before doing the other and all these takes a very long process and time but the modern kitchen is extremely fast, neat and time saving. The use of electric blender has saved the stress of grinding or grating on stones, or even grinding of raw herbs or spices. One can place water on fire, blend the pepper and tomatoes or spices, wash and put rice in the rice cooker then set the timer and also be boiling the meat or fish at the other side of the gas or electric cooker at the same time.

Electric Blender



Then, there was always concern about food wastes because heat and other factors might cause spoilage before the next day but the modern kitchen now provides a means of keeping it at a certain temperature to keep the enzymes inactive. The leftovers can be refrigerated for days and it will still be fresh as new when needed.

Also in the olden kitchen, it was always a big stress to heat cold food up. For someone who doesn’t like cold food or foods that cannot be eaten cold, one would have to start lighting the firewood and fanning them before you can heat it but technology has provided room for ovens, microwaves or even the cooker itself. You can easily warm up your food without the stress of fanning through the woods. One can even dish the foods in warmers to retain the hotness till people are ready to eat them.

Microwave oven


Talk about juice making, one would have to squeeze by hands or mash the fruits then, proceed to sieving it to remove seeds or thick fleshes before it could be deemed for consumption but now we have fruit squeezers, juice makers or blenders for fruit smoothies. We can even refrigerate them so they can get cold and sweeter for consumption.

Washing of dishes has always been a hassle for some set of people but now they can easily do their dishes using the dish washer and save themselves of unnecessary stresses. We also have pounding machines for yam pounding, peelers for peeling food skins, running taps for easier access to water, drainage for water passage and so on. One can even eat in the kitchen if they like since it’s now built in a convenient way, some kitchens are even built together with the dining room or living room.

The joy of being able to try cooking new foods by looking up online for recipes is what technology has done to human kind and made the kitchen an interesting place instead of a stressful place that it was known for. One can easily measure, whisk eggs fast, mix some ingredient with mixer and bake with ovens conveniently thanks to technology.

We hope the kitchen will continue to be an accommodative and less strenuous place where everyone can feel joy about wanting to feed their stomach and we know it will be as long as technology exists.



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