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Top 3 Free Antivirus for iPhone 2021

Everyone knows that the Android and iPhone are extremely different but here one interestingly unique thing Apple does. Apple bans apps that claim to scan for malware from its app store. Note: Malware can refer to viruses, in short, a virus is a type of malware. Why will Apple ban developers from saying their apps can check for malware? Because apps on Apple devices are ‘sandboxed’ meaning they can’t access data from other apps, now if the data can’t be accessed it can’t be scanned for viruses which also means it is almost impossible for it to be infected by viruses. In other words, Apple security measures keep your phone virus free, however you are not completely safe yet. Threats have evolved from just virus infection to data theft and breach of privacy. This is where the modern Antivirus comes in. Listed below are the top 3 Free antivirus you can use on your iPhone.

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security has the most security features of all the Antivirus on this list, that’s why it is number one. One of its features is, Avira Mobile Security’s Web Protection feature: This feature alerts you to fake sites that want to steal your personal and banking information. Another feature is Avira Connect, this feature allows you to log into your Avira account and carry out functions, like track your phone and send alerts to it in case it gets stolen or lost. It has features like call blocker, contacts backup and device analyzer which helps to free up space on your phone. For the best free iPhone Antivirus use Avira Mobile Security. If you would like an extra layer of security download Avira Phantom VPN, Avira password manager.

McAfee Mobile Security

This Antivirus takes security to a new level with a high level of protection against theft or loss of phone. McAfee Mobile Security has two location features to help you find your lost or stolen phone namely the remote alarm feature and locate feature. To use the feature, you simply log into your McAfee account with a different phone and select any of this feature. The remote alarm will cause your phone to make a loud noise where ever it is and the locate feature will give you the current location of your phone on the map. It also has a Capture am feature that takes a selfie picture of the person holding your phone when a wrong password is entered thrice and emails you the picture of the person and the last known location of the phone. It has a feature called Media Vault that encrypts pictures and videos on your phone then asks for a password when you or someone else tries to access it. Finally, it provides protection for your contact list, should your phone get stolen. First it backs up your contact list to McAfee cloud storage, next it wipes your contact list from the stolen phone and then it restores your contact list when you install McAfee Mobile Security on a new device. It also ensures that the Wi-Fi you are connected to, is secure.

Phone Guardian

If you frequently carry out financial transactions, share sensitive information on your phone then you should pay attention to this iPhone Antivirus. Phone Guardian uses a VPN to ensure that your phone is connected to secure network and also encrypts the information that is leaving your phone, such as passwords and banking information. The encryption prevents hackers from being able to understand your information if they are somehow able to get the information. It also checks and alerts if an app is collecting your personal information and app usage data for advertisement purposes. However, this app is free and the developers have to make money somehow, so they collecting data about app usage and sell it for market research purposes.  The app usage data they sell contains is anonymous but if utmost privacy is a concern to you then you can pay for premium VPN instead.

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