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The Transformational Power of Technology Over Traditional Industries

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Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, and it has never taken a breath. Technology keeps transforming our lives each day as innovations cease not to change old ways of doing things. One sector flying high as it rides on the wings of the transformation power of tech is the—–traditional industry.

Oxford Reference Dictionary describes “traditional industry” as the, “…handicraft production methods of the preindustrial period and the continuation of such forms of manufacturing even during the growth of factory-based industrialization.”

Many traditional industries now are using to their advantage the rapidly moving pace of technological innovations to maximize their potential. Technological innovations are transforming long-established industries, allowing them to think outside the box and do things differently.

There’s hardly any age-long industry in the world now not propelled and rebranded by technological savvy for greater effectiveness and output. At the core of this improvement are some industries which are consequential to man’s continuous existence. They are delineated below.


Technology in the medical field is transforming the healthcare sector beyond reasonable doubt. MedTech which is the combination of the two has seen devices and equipment in the surgical and medical fields taking giant strides in improving the health and recovery time of patients. Like never before, genetic testing, medical imaging, and more made possible by tech have greatly improved the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of ailments.

technological innovations
Technology in Medicine

New technologies, like digital technology and 3D printing technology,ogy for instance, have come to be integral parts of the healthcare system, and they have been demonizing the medical field of medicine.

Digital technology on his part has greatly improved operational efficiency concerning standards of medical care. The transformation has been more than crucial in enhancing the overall experience of healthcare professionals and at the same time the patients.

The digital revolution in the medical field is seen in the development of Health Apps. These apps enable patients to monitor their health status and disease, provide them with medical information, allow them to access test results, and alert them when it is time to get their check-up. Similarly, healthcare workers can now quickly check on test results, drug medications and recommendations, and other information in urgent need on healthcare apps.

3D printing technology on its part is fast becoming the most important MedTech capability. Manufacturing medical equipment and prosthetic parts is now a reality with 3D printers. These prosthetic hands are now available to those who need them

It is worth mentioning that extensive research is now going on bioprinting human tissue, with the possibility of creating entirely new organs – which would eliminate the need for donor organ transplantation in the future.
Even tech giant like Google has made an effort to develop a smart contact lens that measures glucose levels in people’s tears. One valuable technological help for those who suffer from diabetes.

technological innovations
Digital Healthcare System


AgriTech has been so versatile industry, changing the concept of farming, and ensuring greater profitability; efficiency, safety, and ease in the agrarian occupation. Some notable innovations in this apply to the GIS software and GPS agriculture, vertical farming, drone and other aerial imagery, satellite imagery, farming software and online data, merging datasets, etc.

GIS software on its own is remarkably useful in precision farming. This is because fields are based on a particular location. While using GIS software, farmers can map current and future changes in precipitation, temperature, crop yields, plant health, and so on. One other great usefulness of GIS-based agriculture is the application of satellites and drones to gather valuable data on vegetation, soil conditions, weather, and terrain from a distant but comprehensive view. The data collected go a long way in improving accuracy in the farming technique.

For vertical agriculture, the most beautiful part of it is that most vertical farms do not need soil because they use aeroponics or hydroponic systems which dispense nutrients needed for plants to grow via mist or water. These farms use 95% less water than traditional farms.

This technique has been ideal and pivotal for meeting the challenges of growing urban centers and the rising demand by consumers for high-quality, pesticide-free food in arid covered, less developed worlds such as Africa.

Drones on his part have allowed farmers to define crop biomass, weeds presence, plant height, and water saturation in certain field areas with high precision. Here drones are better than satellites because they deliver better and more accurate data with clearer resolution.

technological innovations
Technology in Agriculture


Mining may not be the first one to come to mind when one thinks of the industries that have seen incredible advances in their mode of operation, but the changes and improvement have been so significant and thus worthy of mentioning because it has increased man’s resource adequacy.

Rapid advances in technological innovation, including automation, digitization, and electrification, are having a fundamental impact on the mining sector. Some of these technologies reshaping the sector include autonomous vehicles, automated drilling and tunnel boring systems, drones, and smart sensors.

A report on Rio Tinto’s iron ore mines in Western Australia for instance, puts it that the integration of automation has resulted in several advancements in the sector(mining). The company is now the world’s largest owner and operator of autonomous haulage systems (AHS). With 71 automated trucks operating at this mine site moving closely 20 percent of the operations’ materials, materials can be moved more efficiently and safely through the power of this technological automation.

The resultant effects have been touching on productivity which has kept improving at a geometric rate. Since the AHS trucks can operate nearly 24 hours per day, every day of the year, no longer stopping for shift changes and employee breaks but only for refueling and maintenance if the need be, therefore, it’s not much of a surprise such improvement is rushing in.

The mining sector has been fostered by technological innovations bringing some level of competition into it. Other results technological integration has brought into the sector are overall cost reduction and improved workers’ safety in the mining fields.

technological innovations
Technology in Mining


The security industry has been lately threading on ample technological advancements. For instance, security camera systems not until recently are only seen in most secured facilities. Even now there are options for residential areas as well as for those who own small-scale businesses. High resolution, night vision, wireless recording, motion detection, two-way audio, and more are some features it now offers. These were certainly nonexistent a few years ago in the industry.

technological innovations
Technology in Security


There’s no doubt technology has caused many other industries like construction, fashion, finance, lifestyle, media, etc., to become modernized. In addition, technology has made these areas of industries efficient to man far much more than they were a few decades past. Each of these industries owes much of its development to nothing but technological developments. Therefore, the above dwells only on industries very key to man’s continuous survival on his planet—earth.


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