Cosmetology is the study of beauty products and how it is used by humans to enhance their skins, face and body for a gorgeous outcome and appearances.






Beauty and cosmetics have dated back to centuries ago when humans especially female felt the need to improve their appearances. We came from local cosmetics and handmade beauty pomades made from leaves, herbs and so on and have come a long way into various cosmetics and beauty products like powders, perfumes, roll on, eyeliners, eye shadows, eye brows, eye lashes, weave-on, human hair, foundations, primers, and so on.

The greed to look prettier have lead the cosmetic industries into developing cosmetics and other facial beauty make-ups with different functions which can even be applied at once in different colors, tones, and shades. We even have different brands with their different products in different categories.

Cosmetics have opened an avenue for jobs as many people now learn make-up artistry to help people who don’t have any knowledge about make-ups beautify their appearances without looking like masquerades. They study about different colors and shades of the beauty products and knows what fits their clients best.

Technology stuck its nose into cosmetics and has helped the industry develop additional cosmetics to the ones existing. It made them more refined, beautiful and even appealing. It even upgraded skin care treatments by providing avenue for DNA testing for skin analysis where the person’s DNA will be determined and their skin traits will be known, therefore they would be prescribed the best products with essential and beneficial ingredients for their skin which won’t have side effects on them.






We even have artificial nails and fake eyelashes now everywhere this day, we see people slaying in different nail arts and different lengths of eyelashes to add beauty to their fingers and make their eyes look catchy and beautiful by applying mascara to the eyelashes to make them attractive and firm.


Facial cleansing have been one of the most used procedures to keep a beautiful skin and face. It involves wiping the face with facial lotions with soft clean clothes or cotton wool to remove dead skins or irritations caused by make-ups. It is applied when the face is thoroughly washed before retiring to bed for the night. Technology have helped developed home devices that looks like helmets or facial masks which can be charged and set to the skin tone and placed over their face for the machine to get rid of the dead skins, acnes, dark spots, saggy eye bags and pimples making the skin soft, sleek and glowing.

In barbing saloons, there are now programs that helps determine the end result of a hairstyle or haircut. All that is needed is the photo of the client, it will be transferred to the computer and the program will automatically allow them to test the outcome of various hairstyles like perms, dreadlocks, bob or low cuts and other cuts on the person. We can even determine how their outcome will like look if they want to dye their hairs into colors or highlights some areas. It prevents regret when the hair is finally done on the client.

Some countries where plastic surgeries are rampant like South Korea and China have beauty score machines which determines the level of one’s facial attractiveness and they even give advice on where they can get jobs done on their faces to improve their facial structure or appearances, after all plastic surgery is never a sin. They even invented LED face masks to treat faces.





Technology further helped in selecting cosmetic ingredients analysis, grounding them in large quantities, baking them, packaging and all procedures. The demand for cosmetics is now high has it’s no longer stuck to a gender because men now are interested in makeups. Brands like Yves Saint Laurent have introduced make-ups for men and also gender neutral make-ups which encourage men to use make-ups and improve their appearances too, men can look gorgeous too, there is no rule that said they cant

Technology that have provided great means of transportation have favored the cosmetic industries too since their products are not limited but can be distributed worldwide with the help of different transportation systems. They don’t even have to wait or worry about receiving or sending payments since technology has provided means for easy online payments therefore pushing the idea of smooth transactions of cosmetics between the company and clients.

The use of cosmetics can never get old, it will get better and better. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve our appearances after all, everyone loves being called pretty


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