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A weird but useful techgadget:sonic fire extinguisherr

As the years keep rolling by, new technological gadgets are springing up. Some of these technological gadgets have become part and parcel of our daily routines, such as; phones, laptops, washing machines, and smart watches. Even as there are gadgets we can’t do without, there are also gadgets that are in existence that we know nothing about, for they are weird and the same time useful. Unbelievable!!!! How can something be weird and the same time useful? you would say but it is true.

Below are 8 weird but useful technological gadgets displayed at CES that you wouldn’t imagine existed. Some may have you rolling on the floor laughing while some may keep you wondering and thinking about the brain behind it. Read on!!! If you told someone in 2003 that you wanted a smartphone with a 20MP camera, you would have been ridiculed. But today, don’t we have smartphones with 108MP cameras today? Remember that they could be weird today but the norm in the future.

1. Hip’Safe Protection For The Elderly

Hip protection is one of the weird but useful tech gadget


As you grow older, around the 50s and beyond, your chances to fall flat on your face or back increase due to bone deterioration and muscle loss. A brain found this situation preventable and invented the hip safe protection for the elderly, this doesn’t mean young ones can’t use it too, they can. This Hip safe is a wearable airbag that inflates when a fall is detected, guaranteeing a safe and soft landing with no issue of break, tear, or wear. It can be worn as underwear or additional clothing with no traces of it being worn sometimes. If you have a loved one who is a senior, you can get this weird but useful apparel for them to prevent future falls.

2. Seabin Ocean Garbage Removal

Seabin Ocean guide removal is one of the weird but useful tech gadget


Two brains saw how water pollution is becoming a threat to planet Earth and decided to seek a way through and they succeeded with the Seabin Ocean Garbage coming into the limelight. Care to know their names? Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski. This weird but useful gadget is like a garbage bin that floats on water and helps to remove debris, plastics, oil, and detergent from ocean bodies. It is made up of a pumping unit, a catch made of jute material, and steel pipes. This ocean cleaner is already being used in marinas, docks, yacht clubs, and commercial ports. With the impact, this gadget is making, in no time, it will no longer be referred to as weird but a norm and necessity.

3. Touch Hear Text Recognition

Touch hear text recognition is one of the weird but useful tech gadget


If you love reading without interruptions and distractions in the sense you have to go look up strange and ambiguous words in the dictionary, then the weird gadget may be a necessity for you. This technology consists of 2 patches, one on the tip of your finger and one close to your ear. What this device does is, it reads out the text you touch with the patch on your finger to your hearing. Want to know how to pronounce a word? Translate a word? Need a phrase explained? This device does all that. It can also be of use to the visually impaired.

4. Umbrella Tie

Umbrella tie is one of the weird but useful tech gadget

Do you want to look cooperate even with the presence of an umbrella in your possession, then you should be thinking about this weird innovation known as Umbrella Tie. The umbrella tie can provide businessmen- because it is men who wear ties of course– with a tie to look cooperative and then protection from the rain umbrella. With this innovation, there are no compromises to your cooperate dress sense during winter or seasons of sudden rainfall.

5. Sweat-Powered Tech

Sweat powered tech is one of the weird but useful tech gadget

The sweat which we dab with towels and handkerchiefs from our faces and body can be used to charge phones, so implied a team of researchers who had invented sweat-powered Tech. This technology is a Wow weird as it has a lot to offer especially in places where there is always interrupted power supply. This innovative technology comes in form of a wrist strap or armband that absorbs the user’s sweat and turns it into energy that can be used to charge a smartphone. Imagine if this was distributed all over the world. People that live in warmer climates do not need to worry about their phones dying.

6. Venom Extractor

The existence of this weird venom extractor doesn’t mean you should give your skin or body to scorpions, snakes, and poisonous caricatures for their pleasure. This weird gadget promises the removal of venom from the body. It should be a compulsory tool in the backpack of adventurers and explorers going into the wild. The wild is unpredictable and this device can potentially save a life by extracting snake venom from the body.

 7. Solar panel roads and heated runway

Weird but useful tech gadget

With this weird invention, tarred roads and runaways are replaced by photovoltaic solar panel roads in textured glass. The point of the solar panel road is to generate electricity and provide safer roads for drivers. Conductive materials are embedded into the pipework supplying hot water which causes what to be pushed to all areas of the runway and taxiways. The heated runways help prevent problems with ice and snow in winter months.

 8. Sonic Fire Extinguisher

Weird but useful tech gadget

Only water and oxygen can quench the fire but with this weird innovation gadget, that ain’t true anymore. This sonic fire extinguisher can put out a fire with sound waves spread through a mobile subwoofer gun. The device put off flames through sound waves triggered by the acoustic pressure and sound velocity produced by the speaker. Using sounds to quench the fire, sounds farfetched, doesn’t it? Researchers at George Martin University proved this to be possible. Sounds like heavy bass was discovered to put out fires!! What a world we live in.


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