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What to Do When You’re Unhappy with Your Job

Careers are most times enjoyable and loved than not when they are pursuits, we really are passionate about, but when it comes to those which are not, most people find it difficult to shift their career to a more meaningful path which they have passion for, but this in particular most people do fail to achieve for a number of reasons which may include:

Indecisiveness and fear of the unknown because the emotional pain they’re in their present job prevents them from having the patience to identify the best next steps in their career needed to be taken.

But no one is alone in this!

According to a survey done by Gallup, it was found out that about a whooping 70% of people are not comfortable with their job. This is to tell you, if you don’t like the job you are doing in the present, you need to feel better and take these necessary steps because you’re not just the only one in the situation.

And if you’re part of the other half—the 30%, great! But you can do same, even in your ideal job or career of passion, when it becomes dawn on you that you’re losing the happiness you once enjoyed in your job or career.
You should basically know it’s high time you left your job when you noticed going to work in the morning has become so repulsive that your brain fights to make you stay at home. The negative impact of having a job you hate will spread to other parts of your life. You could develop depression, and, if the reason you hate your job is a toxic manager, you could even get PTSD. Why would you allow that level of stress to take hold of your mental well-being? Hence, take the following steps.

1. Examine your circumstances.

Finding out why you’re unhappy at work may need some deep thinking because the cause of unhappiness in jobs are difficult and complex most times to fine tune. Understanding what part of your job makes you dread going to work will need a thorough examination.

Do you feel like your effort doesn’t get to be recognized?

Do you feel there is no path to further your career development?

Are you finding the company’s culture unacceptable?

Or is it your position?

Do you have the feeling that you could have chosen the wrong career?

Fine tuning to discover the fundamental causes of your discontent at work will help you manage them better than when you’re uncertain about them.

2. Do a projection for your movement of some years ahead.

Now that you know the cause for your discontent in your job place, all you need to be retrospective on are ideas to help you decide on how to proceed. You could sum up the advantages and disadvantages of staying where you are versus the ones of making a move to change the situation. This is a mere projection into the future, and you don’t need to feel pressured to make a decision yet. Create a mental picture. Imagine all the ramifications of the choices you’re about to make affecting you for the next few years to come.

3. Figure out what you would like to achieve with your career.

You’ve made projection into some few years coming. And You’ve also put the advantages and disadvantages of staying put in the same condition versus making a change. If you decided to stay with the firm, then it is the time you thought about actions to take that would bring happiness back into your work life. At this point, you can also look out for other viable options in other departments for better career choices. But, if you find that you need to leave the company or firm entirely, what else do you see yourself doing for a living now? Will these changes be significant enough and would it be needing extra schooling? Or are these changes within the same industry, requiring just little training?

4. Compare and contrast your options.

“Alright, I get it. But how do I make my discomforting job/career comfortable and happy?” you may ask. But you must admit you aren’t stuck in this situation with no way out. Knowing this should be a major confidence booster for you. And, after narrowing down the options you have, see them side by side. Compare schools or firms/companies you believe are a better fit and make a choice. The notion of having a choice should brighten your hope.

5. Put yourself up for action

Now, after you’ve compared and contrasted your options, and have come out with a definite trajectory of decision to follow, start organizing the logistics of the move on this decision. Since you’ve figured out whether you need extra schooling, a transfer or a decisive move to a new company, take this information and sit down to develop your plan of action. Similarly, if you’re moving forward at this stage depends on the cooperation of your manager, you may decide to talk to him—your boss about the situation.

However, this can also be most times challenging, or how do you easily tell it out to your boss you’re not happy with your job? There’s no one single answer to this question. And depending on your personality, this talk could be uncomfortable, liberating or both. What you want to consider in detail is how you’re going to manage the conversation itself. Talking in person is definitely the way to go, but before you do it, know exactly what you want to say and how to say it. Practice in front of the mirror if you have their need be. Or, call a friend and have her pretend to be your boss. You’re trying to anticipate your boss’s reaction and figuring out how to react in return.

6. Now convert all plans to action.

The final stage of every conscious and deliberate undertakings is always by going all out converting all strategic plans: previous steps into movement with all sense of confidence. Moving to another department or company doesn’t guarantee a happier role. But knowing you’re capable of changing your career’s direction may be enough to bring joy at work. So, go ahead. Apply for those new classes, get your resume well enriched, hire professionals to have it better improved, and contact recruiters in the industry of your specialisation. You’re now on an express way to finding happiness on a wholely fresh career dimension.

Most of us are not happy at work. And, while pursuing happiness is an inalienable right of humans, it isn’t an easy endeavor. Realizing a particular job is not for us is part of discovering what makes us happy. Don’t lose all hope and defeated if you find yourself in the wrong place career-wise. If you’re determined enough, you be willing to take the above actions highlighted, and be guaranteed you’re just about to find your way into a more fulfilling and happier career path if you do.

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